Conservative wing of Ontario government wants sexual art removed from office gallery

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Note: the Ontario government is not the one wanting the art removed. The PCs, the ones who want the art removed, are the official opposition; this makes them part of parliament, but not part of the government. The government, which at the moment is the Liberal Party, are taking a very “Not our problem” approach to the art.


Yeah, I think the PCs can wait a week for it to come down.

Also: I will fully admit that I don’t know dick about art… But art like this just feels a lot like intellectual wankery to me (puns fully intended).



Hmm; government property; organizational independence, private sector stakeholders. That sounds good. Maybe we can give them a sweetheart tax break or repeal a pesky regulation? Nope, wait, scratch that; time for a firm hand and as much state intervention as the situation requires…

All I know is if this was the picture on my calender at my office, I could be disciplined for sexual harassment.


What’s a Progressive Conservative, then?


Yo know, like a slut shaming feminist or a bankrupt libertarian.

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The middle ground, perhaps, not fanatic enough to qualify as either end?

When there were two conservative federal parties in Canada, the Progressive Conservatives were more socially progressive than the Reform Party.
So, the name Progressive Conservative is supposed to indicate a party that is socially progressive, but fiscally conservative.

The federal party merged with the Reform party about a decade ago, but there are still PC parties in most of the provinces.

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Yeah, as much as prudery sucks, if this is also their workplace, I think they have a reasonable say in whether they want images extracted from actual purpose-built porn hanging around. I was expecting some Gauguins or something…

It’s not like this is in the elevator lobby of their building. It’s in an entirely self-contained art gallery, that happens to be in the same building that they work in. To see it, one would have to purposely go to visit the art gallery.


At least here in the good ol’ USofA we have folks who can appreciate and celebrate fine art even if some don’t quite recognize its brilliance. To those blinded (or deafened) by their prole sensibilities I say Let the Eagle Soar!!!


Um. But. Yes, well. How…uh.

Is your office calendar…

...a public space operated by an independent board of directors made up of volunteers from the community and representatives from four art societies.
No, I'm guessing it probably isn't.

Canada’s two main parties used to be a right leaning centrist party that favored small business and the military (Progressive Conservative) and a left leaning centrist party that favored big business and social programs (Liberal).

Now the two main parties are the right wing Conservatives and the left wing New Democratic Party, as Canada follows in the US trend to be more politically divided.

Orifice gallery…


But that public space is the lobby of a government office where the women who work there are treated to what the artist describes as a statement of the objectification of women every day when they arrive at their job.

So where do the rights of civil servants begin?

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This is a semi-serious question:

Is it that conservatives don’t like/are afraid of sex, or is it that people who don’t like/are afraid of sex become conservative?

When my kids watch Netflix (and we don’t limit them too much), I’d much rather have them see sex on a movie or show than violence. My guess is that most conservatives feel the opposite?


Sounds a lot like what we in America call “Democrats.”

I suppose Conservatives, in their hypocrisy, would prefer images of underage women Gaugin abandoned his family to go rape and paint, to images of adult women who elect to engage in public sexual display of their own volition.