Nude portrait of Canadian emperor Stephen Harper



I’m in a pretty conservative workplace. I escaped trouble this time, but could the picture possibly have been placed below the fold? It was pretty obnoxious being greeted with it on the front page.

Well that’ll certainly stay with me FOREVER…

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I could have used a trigger warning this early in the day, Now I gotta clean my keyboard and I think I soiled my soul by seeing that.


There was quite an active debate over it when it was put up in a public library as part of a juried art show. They covered it up when children’s events were scheduled.

Hey, quit your whining. At least it wasn’t Rob Ford.


It actually is a hilarious painting, but…might there have been a phrasing that didn’t make fun of trigger warnings at the same time, perhaps?

It’s a nude painting, in a classical style - what, would you have nsfw tags on pictures of the Pieta?

Puritans need to get off the internet, or at least off BB. And if someone works in a place that is puritanical, maybe they shouldn’t be reading BB at work.


How DARE you besmirch the neoclassical beauty of Emperor Stephen’s form. You should be thanking us for exposing your corporate network to these platonic bits.


This would be more impactful if the pose was from The Death of Marat.



Now I need a unicorn chaser. With kittens.


Funny, I was thinking just the same… although it’s a pity David never did a painting of Robespierre’s death that Ms Sullivan could emulate. Harper’s relationship to the old PCs is, after all, somewhat similar to the Committee of Public Safety’s relationship to the rest of the Revolution (albeit on the other end of the political spectrum).

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Are you publicly admitting you can’t see that stylish suit? What are you, a climate scientist or something?


Having looked at it the second time it still hits my puke button pretty hard. I love it though especially cause it’s got to piss him off

Must. Gouge. Out. Mind’s. Eye.

How about a Stephen Harper chaser…with kittens.


Stephen Harper taking a time-out from his busy schedule for a light snack.


It’s the cup I can’t stop worrying about. What is in that cup?

Indeed. Kittens, because of the unfortunate incident when he placed a take-out order for a grown cat instead…


I wrote about this back in 2012 back when the story went down and even did a follow-up when there was a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission … I’m kind of surprised this is only hitting BoingBoing now, but it’s still nice to see that the quaint worries of Canada are newsworthy even if they are 2 years out of date,