Nude statues at Rome museum covered to not embarrass Iranian president


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How stupid and ignorant. The evil side of me says we find some of these photos and photoshop a bunch of large genitalia into them and see if we can’t get them to go viral.


First thing that comes to mind for me is when John Ashcroft did this same exact thing whenever he would encounter those naked ‘Lady Justice’ statues as Attorney General


He never had a good relationship with her.



a political cover-up?


Don’t suppose he’d be willing to return the favor and come full-Shia?


maurizio crozza (italian tv commentator), only half kidding said something to the effect of “we have turned art into ikea shelving units”



WHAT A DICK(tator)!


That’s what happened to Ashcroft after he put the curtains up…


And calico cats if I’m remembering correctly.


He never had a good relationship with her.

Now, that’s what I call a good burn.


At least he comes from a culture with weird hardcore prudery issues going on, unlike Ashcroft who was out on the bleeding edge.


Meh. Use antique Persian pieces as primary material. For added irony.


If you cannot function in the real world how do you expect to be an example?


If he’s really so adamant that horse statue cock be covered, they could have just rolled a big condom onto it. It’s much easier.


Fair’s fair. Next time Iran hosts a head of state from Italy they should show respect by hanging nude photos everywhere.




I consider it verging on satire; condescending mockery.

Aw, poor widdle diddums can’t hack genitalia. Okay, if we humour him, that’ll generate more ridicule - win-win.