Spanish government says no to testicles for lion statue


That’s creative, thinking, Mr Minister.

A natural battery.

Galvanic corrosion is serious business.

It absolutely is, but I believe Truck Nuts are nonconductive, so there’s a possible solution.

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There’s a sacrificial anode joke in here somewhere.

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Somehow, I read that headline as “tentacles.”

Wert is a major asshole.

And is, in fact, the most hated minister EVER in Spanish history.

Daoíz may have no testicles, but Wert has no cojones.

I have a 3 word solution:

Pepper’s Ghost’s Testicles

Thank you. Carry on.

May I interest you in this fine piece of steampunkery?


why exactly is Wert a major asshole.

In the states, Bush’s Justice Minister, John Ashcroft was known for being a bit of a prude, but his attitude towards pornography and nudity was overshadowed by his acquiescence to Torture.and (possibly) the surveillance state.

well, don’t let him got to Wall Street…


I’d object on the basis of it being a historic piece of art, but the corrosion angle (if true, I’m no metallurgist) is a good reason as well. It’s not like he’s arguing to scrape the balls of the other statue.

You don’t straighten the Pisa tower, either.

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The Wall Street Bull has testes?!?!

Its disturbing that the sack is somewhat polished.

Dont get me wrong I love a bull market as much as the next guy. But to ‘tickle the sack’ of a statue in the hopes of a few more bucks is a bit much for me.

Perhaps it’s my meager balance…

Well, Wert has achieved what no other minister of education has achieved ever: to be hated by every single part of the cultural and educational world in Spain: students and teachers from kindergarten to university, parents associations both secular and religious, unions and political parties, even in it´s own party!
He is an authoritarian, regressive, sectarian, religious fanatic, nationalistic, narcissistic that wants to impose Catholicism as a obligatory study subject at par with mathematics, he not only promoted the layoff of tens of thousands of teachers (the government says 10.000, unions says 90.000), promoted private institutions over public ones, slashed public funds for schools so there are some educative centres with no money to maintain/repair a heating system or pay cleaning services while diverting great sums of money for religious centres that promote segregation by sex, has proposed copayment for high school exams, slashed scholarships on both national and international level (Erasmus Programme), decided not to pay scholarships already granted until the EU came and threatened Spain with heavy fines, he wanted the Catalonian students to “adopt the ways of the Spanish”, he said that overcrowded classrooms were good for students because “they could socialise more”, he suppressed “Education for Citizenship”, a subject on democracy, human rights, sexual and cultural diversity and swapped it with other that doesn’t ever knowledges that gay people exist, and funded a biographical dictionary of Spain that not only didn’t mention that Francisco Franco was a dictator but also lauded him as “saver of the motherland”.
Basically he is doing all everything he can to set back the Spanish educative system 70 years, to the good old days of Franco and National Catholicism.
So he has being declared “Persona non grata” in every cultural event. In the last national annual film awards (Goya Awards) he declared that he couldn’t assist to the ceremony because he already had an appointment with the United Kingdom department of education in London, but when reporters contacted the department they were told that that was false.

TL;DR: He is a national catholic fascist and a coward.

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You think that’s polished, you should see Victor Noir’s crotch.

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So bad all around. Makes one doubt the corrosion story.

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