Prince William Portrait


I thought the criticism might be politically motivated because it was a George Bush. Different artist, though. Never mind.

The painting doesn’t seem so bad to art heathen me. I’m not a qualified art critic, but in the face, I almost see a retrieval of the beginnings of cubism.

Looks like a thrift store painting


I can see it being controversial if it’s an official portrait. It has too much point of view for the typical official portrait - usually they look like oil-paint-photos. This seems to actually convey a sneering sense of privilege combined with vapidness.

(Note - I am not saying that William sneers, has a sense of privilege, or is vapid. I am not not saying that either. I am just talking about a painting that’s also not very good)

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Could have been worse.

You can’t see how thin he’s getting on top from that angle.

Plus it wasn’t painted by Rolf Harris.

Look more like NBC’s Brian Williams than Prince William.

It’s actually 100% accurate, he’s just descended from a long line of cousins.


The 18th pale descendant
Of some old queen or other


Who gives a crap?

You do realize that 99.9% of Rob’s posts are trolling based on exactly that…right?

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It is the artists style. Some people would be horrified by the styles of Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, or Escher. If they do not like the style they should go elsewhere.

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So this is William in the style of Cecilia Giménez. Neat. Might be a little po-mo for some, though.


Exactly my thought. I thought the old dingbat had struck again!

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“I laughed along as I am entirely indifferent to opinion,” Hall told
TODAY Thursday regarding the criticism. "When a work is complete I
discard it like a used condom.


You know, all he may take up painting in a big way now that he has nothing else to do…

I like Rob’s old picture (not the icon, which is the same, but the one on the article). This one makes him look like an 1980s glam rocker (unless that was the intention?)

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Is this fuss because of the comb-over? The poor fellow can’t help that, as a toupee would cause a crown to slide down and buzzing the tufts would make him look like Dr. Evil.

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Eh. I quite like his QEII, but this managed to look less impressionistic and more low-effort. I suspect it isn’t, and there’s a deliberate choice I’m not entirely getting.

Inferring intention in an artists work is a very fraught endeavour.
I’m with Rob in frankly not giving two shits about this painting and with others here in thinking that basically its just the work of a not very good artist (who has for one reason or another been in the right place at the right time).