New portrait of Queen unveiled


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I suggest watching the recent netflix series “The Crown” as one episode deals with a somewhat contraversial portrait.


I dunno. To me, that looks less like Queen Elizabeth II and more like John-Noble-as-Denethor.


Finally. Now the portrait can age and she can stay her youthful self.


What does it say about me that I was expecting photoshop hijinks from @beschizza when looking at the title of this post?


Well, it’s better than the one Lucian Freud did, I guess.


I came expecting Melania. (But not in a sexual way.)


I read it and thought, “oh, THE Queen.”



SInce @beschizza must be busy…


This is the least disturbing application of mouth-to-eyes I’ve ever seen. It looks like she’s just got her eyes closed.


the idea never even struck me. Brilliant!


How is this then?


I dunno…maybe it just doesn’t work that great with every face.


And now I can’t unsee that.


You’re welcome!


I got to hear all about painting Her Majesty’s portrait a few years back - a close friend’s daughter, Isobel Peachey, was commissioned to do one for the Cunard Line’s Queen Elizabeth. Big excitement for a young artist, as you can imagine. :smiley:

Not surprisingly, there were time constraints - Iz got three sittings with Her Majesty (which isn’t a whole lot for a formal portrait), and I’d imagine the others who’ve done formal portraits faced similar constraints, which may explain some of the portraits that don’t nail the subject.

Iz is very good in general:


Maybe there are earlier examples of which I’m unaware but every time I see one of these @beschizza eye/mouth things I’m reminded of the shot from the Madonna music video Bedtime Stories. According to wikipedia the shot was influenced by Frida Kahlo but that shot was designed by my wife, and I could always be wrong but as far as I know she came up with it herself, without input either from director Mark Romanek or Madonna or Frida Kahlo’s work.

Maybe there’s a surrealist example I’m forgetting.



Thank you for this friendly reminder that everyone who is fortunate enough to do so will grow old. Even royalty.