Animation: Queen Elizabeth's life in banknote portraits

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Her WarII portraits are very interesting, she has a certain jenesequa.

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So I guess her left side is her “good” side?

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I’ve always wanted to see this!

Also, the link to the article doesn’t seem to be working, but it appears as if it’s supposed to lead here:

This makes me want to rewatch The Magic Christian.


Reminds me in this little clip by old Cyriak Harris here:

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Hubba Hubba.

hub·ba hub·ba
ˌhəbə ˈhəbə/Submit
exclamationNORTH AMERICANinformal
used to express approval, excitement, or enthusiasm, especially with regard to a person’s appearance.

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The brachy/dolicho cephalic oscillation is somewhat unnerving.

Quite the looker, back in the day.

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Brings back memories of ye olde software Kai’s Power Tools.


Dear Gods! That’s a call back to the dim past of the interwebs!

That was when she was driving a truck, maybe that’s it?

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Roger That!

Interesting that the new £10 note that’s just been released features Classic Liz:

(Difficult to see here but the smaller portrait on the left is a more recent one)

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