Animation: Queen Elizabeth's life in banknote portraits


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Her WarII portraits are very interesting, she has a certain jenesequa.


So I guess her left side is her “good” side?


I’ve always wanted to see this!

Also, the link to the article doesn’t seem to be working, but it appears as if it’s supposed to lead here:


This makes me want to rewatch The Magic Christian.



Reminds me in this little clip by old Cyriak Harris here:


Hubba Hubba.

hub·ba hub·ba
ˌhəbə ˈhəbə/Submit
exclamationNORTH AMERICANinformal
used to express approval, excitement, or enthusiasm, especially with regard to a person’s appearance.


The brachy/dolicho cephalic oscillation is somewhat unnerving.


Quite the looker, back in the day.


Brings back memories of ye olde software Kai’s Power Tools.


Dear Gods! That’s a call back to the dim past of the interwebs!


That was when she was driving a truck, maybe that’s it?


Roger That!


Interesting that the new £10 note that’s just been released features Classic Liz:

(Difficult to see here but the smaller portrait on the left is a more recent one)

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