Century-old comic accurately depicts the nightmare of cellphones


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I hope I, one day, will have the foresight to be preachy about something that doesn’t even exist yet.


I didn’t read a letter of it! But that Hilter fellow with that svelte mustachio! Well then. harrumph I say! harrumph

(ting ting ting!)


1919, that would a Chaplin fellow…


How does one get a ‘ting ting ting’ ringtone? Preferably by Terry Gross.


Something something Nanobot Suppositories something something…


Nanobutt Pharmaceuticals, because your derrière deserves the best!


And then, the Nanobutt Bots became self-aware…


…and refused to do their job anymore.


Can’t you just imagine how annoying the Noosphere is? When you’re corpulating an AI partial: ding, message from the Noosphere. When you’re rearticulating your neural architecture: ding, message from the Noosphere. And what’s the first thing that happens every time you re-instantiate your polymorphic recorded anima? Ding! mind-virus from the Noosphere automatically draining your energy credits for something you don’t even need. Life was a lot simpler before the psychemerge.


Well, yeah, except the panel where the guy answers an unknown number…And the fact that in most of the panels, our protagonist is the only one whose phone is ringing…


If only he’d had the foresight to patent a mute switch…


He did better than a lot of science fiction writers in that regard.


sidebar: I was under the impression that I had a large vocabulary, but that usage of “exercise” was a first in my 43 years.



The Daily Mirror was owned by Lord Rothermere 100 years ago, and we all know his views on that Hitler fellow.


The Daily Mirror’s editorial policy now is to side with the Labour party, unlike Lord Rothermere’s other newspaper, The Daily Mail.


That’s eerie…


He brilliantly forecast the problems of a pocket phone. Still, he missed caller display showing who’s calling and their social credit index. Oh wait, you don’t have that last one yet, never mind.


and went on strike…


Surely for a few extra pence the operator can have a copy of the social register on hand.