Cartoon from 1906 predicts our obsession with smartphones


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Smartphones are not that dapper.


How do they send? (and does it involve whalebone and walking-sticks?)


Little known fact: when homing pigeons were first developed, teenagers would stay cooped up in their rooms, sending avian messages to one another.


Those darn Millennials and their obsession with tech!


I constantly witness couples in restaurants and other communal spaces including parks sitting directly across from each other constantly looking downward at their smartphones. It’s lap peripheral vision only for people now or the preferred thumb-top view for many.


Texting… swiping… left, right…


…To each other I wonder?

Moments once reserved for smiles, eye glances, blushing, winking or tears are wasted on an obsession with a little black box that doesn’t love us back.

Millennials are killing expressive hand gestures and fantastic hats!


“Amatory Message” of course, is Edwardian for “Dick Pic”


Megaphone turned up to 11:

“The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works,” he went on gravely, before a hushed audience at Stanford business school. “It is eroding the core foundations of how people behave.” -Mark’s linked article above


I knew my first significant relationship was doomed, when we got to IMing each other from across the room.


And it used to be newspapers. Or physical books. My being in a park or public space is not a cry for love and attention from strangers.


Sir or madam, I find your username horribly eponymous…


You, you heartbreaker, you!


A restaurant I frequent seems to attract couples on tinder dates and if they have dived into their screens, you know its not going well.


They vibrate the luminiferous aether.


But now I want a top hat with an antenna.


Batteries included then?


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