CEO and others fired in corporate "bloodbath" after Sports Illustrated publishes drivelous AI-generated content

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"I can’t believe Sports Illustrated would stoop so low as to publish this nonsensical AI-generated content! Are they seriously expecting us to consume this gibberish and call it ‘information’? We deserve better than mindless algorithms spewing out random words. Disappointed and outraged!” -ChatGPT


Levinsohn was replaced, effective immediately, by

I know everyone took a breath before reading what came next. Fortunately it was the name of a human rather than “SportsGPT 5000”.

In related news:


Glad they have come back to their senses and getting back to the impactful sports journalism that matters.

I have what I think is a Pulitzer-winning epic 10-page story on one man’s recovery from a ham-pull. We talk to his dutiful wife, his supportive teammates and his 2nd-grade home-room teacher. Also use the words ‘grit’ and ‘resolve’ a lot. The first few pages read like I channeled Hunter S. Thompson, and there are many gaps I filled in with supposition and bombast. By the end, you’ll feel my subject has faced the greatest adversities known to a man and triumphed.


This was probably inevitable once Time sold SI to a brand management company. One of the first things they did was to start doing things like launching a Sports Illustrated clothing line. Well…they did that after they laid off half their staff. The CEO is just being used as a scapegoat. He did exactly what he was hired to do: extract as much revenue as possible from the name Sports Illustrated for the least amount of expenditures possible. I’m sure the 5-Hour Energy guy will be much better. This is the exact same thing that happens to businesses like Toys R Us when they’re bought out by private equity firms. They have no interest in the core business or in the long term success of the company. They only care about extracting as much money from the name as they can. Within a couple of years, SI will fold completely, and they’ll sell the rights to the name for pennies to probably the same content farm that’s been producing their content lately.


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