CES 2021: Watch the next bout of chaotic street violence on LG's "rollable" smartphone

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I think this may have nearly as much impact on phone design as LED headlights and taillights has had on car design. If LG licenses the tech (they’re usually willing to – Sony uses their OLED screens, for instance), I can imagine a phone that can be used for audio in a form factor about the size of two Sharpies, that pulls open like a scroll, or one that opens like a southern belle’s fan.

However, that little video suspiciously looks like a CGI mockup.

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More marketing hype and vaporware. I work in mobile tech, and we have a handful of Samsung’s folding devices. They’re all garbage. Bad pixels all the way down the fold, half stopped working in the first month, they’re twice as thick as a regular smartphone, all in all nowhere near ready for the market. This device, if real, is ten times less ready.

I kinda wish media would stop doing all this free PR for companies every time they announce a bullshit fake product that will likely never see the light of day (this criticism is not leveled at BB of course, but at Newsweek and Wired and everyone else who is going to breathlessly run this story uncritically).


I remember seeing an article about a patent (?) for a smart watch that was like a slap bracelet. That would be rad!

Curious to see more, but I share your doubts @VeronicaConnor and @joelfinkle. That video doesn’t look quite right and reporting on a teaser doesn’t seem like good journalism. like, product in hand, cool! But this doesn’t seem anywhere close to that!

Def CGI, rollable displays have been around for a few years, these were monochrome. Been waiting to hear about color versions. Looks like we might have it in hand. My biggest concern is how durable the display is. Bet it gives out as soon as the next model to upgrade to is available.

This is the first of several videos he made about this scam.

Interesting! Thanks for sharing that. It wasn’t the one I saw. I went on a search for it and this was it:


It was pre-Apple watch. Apparently a concept they patented? Never saw a prototype.

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