Samsung's folding Galaxy Z Flip revealed in 'leaked video'

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Unfortunately for the leaker, Samsung now has their fingerprint…


…and retina scan.



I loved the GameBoy Advance SP. I played an obsessive amount of Super Puzzle Fighter on that thing.

Nintendo is so good at designing handheld game systems.

Also, the phone looks cool, I guess :slight_smile:

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I do not particularly want this or anything like this.

But I love that we are heading away from the homogeneity of smartphone designs we have had for ages.


Don’t worry, they’ve improved it. This one will last TWO months.


I wonder if it’s locked in some sort of pre-release mode; or if our leaker appreciates leaving the “Information Security Solution” screen up while spilling secrets?

That UI is authentically Samsung, at least.

Going backward is the new forward.





Saw one at work.

I mistook it for a new razr until I noticed the hole punch camera up top.

The guy said he liked it but wasn’t sure if we were going to add it to the fleet. The first fold was a QA joke.

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Looks like a very chunky, early model of those cool phones they had in the black mirror episode striking vipers. One of those i wanted, this… not so much.

So phone companies accept that people are quite able to handle thicker phones, and as such don’t need to sacrifice battery size/headphone jacks/replaceable batteries just to be thin for its own sake? Cool!



Those older phones looked similar, but not the same, like today’s are. A current model iPhone and Samsung are so similar a non tech person cannot tell the difference at sight. I mean, that’s probably because Samsung made the glass for both of them, but that’s besides the point.

You used to have a choice between stick phone, flip phone, slide phone, and some insane design phone (there was a cube phone once I almost bought), but now it’s “would you like the small piece of glass or the large piece of glass?”.

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Good point, well made. Although I’d note that they aren’t mutually exclusive - you could have varied physical form AND multiple OS’ and apps.

All kidding aside, wasn’t there at least talk about eyeglasses/goggles with integral cell phone capabilities?

Don’t see why not. I have a pair of sunglasses I use when I mow the lawn that have built in flip down bluetooth headphones. I can (and have, accidentally) use it to make a call.

They were some random whim purchase one very late night. Weren’t even expensive.

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