Chameleon enjoys popping bubbles

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Poor thing, desperately grabbing at anything even resembling a solid surface, it thinks its fighting for its life.


Yeah, that chameleon is definitely attempting to grasp onto something to support itself, not “enjoying” anything. Chameleons are pretty easily stressed, so while this activity isn’t loris-type torture, it’s not great for the little guy.


I don’t see evidence for torture here, but neither is it obvious to me that the lizard is enjoying this. Clearly the owner is enjoying it, though, and that’s what matters.

Reminds me of the time when I was a kid, and I thought it would be fun to take my pet rats in the tub with me to take a bath. Never did it occur to me until years later that they might not have enjoyed it, though I was confused by all the pellets they suddenly pooped.

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So you are saying this is a desperate attempt by the lizard to please its master, hoping to stave off punishment and starvation for just one more day. What a horror show.

“Now someone is going to tell me that blowing bubbles near a chameleon is even worse than tickling a slow loris.”
Ah yes, learning/evolving/growing up is boring. You poor thing.! Don’t let them get you down.


someone is shooting bubbles at it, and it holds up its hands in the universal gesture of surrender. That’s enjoyment right there!

I think it actually hates the bubbles because it finds itself unable to imitate their appearance.

This guy seems to love them though:

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Soap solution all over a chameleon’s face and skin is quite alright?
This really sucks… not cute, amusing or funny at all when it all soaks in.


I really hope this is sarcasm.

@frauenfelder , just remove the post - don’t be a nob. There’s not even an amazon link so I’m not entirely sure why you posted it in the first place. Flame bait?


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