Change campaign to replace racist philly mayor Frank Rizzo with Gritty on mural picks up steam



This is awesome!

Also love that Gritty is now Antifa:


Gritty isn’t the mascot we want; Gritty is the mascot we deserve.


Frank Rizzo was mayor when I lived in Philly in the 70s. He’s still around?


That was a great article. I’m particularly fond of the protest sign reading “we only have room for one orange asshole in this town.”


Sure, Antifa Gritty is sort of a joke. He’s a corporate mascot for a moneyed sports league, adopted by activists whose work usually falls into the more sobering realm of countering the city’s record of police brutality and mass incarceration. But now that the left has recruited Gritty, Ciccariello-Maher says they’re not giving him back.

It’s a left wing tradition


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