Charcoal sketching is more fun

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Conte is better



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TIP: if you use white chalk to accentuate the highlights it makes the final piece look more professional even if you’re not that good.


Don’t forget one of those stretchable gum arabic erasers for lightening (and dare I say, erasing); using your standard rubber brick will make you crazy.

And if you want your drawing to be more than a smudge two days from now, use a fixative spray.


I love both conte and charcoal. Especially those dense, brick ones.

Man I used to be decent at sketching. You lose it if you don’t use it.

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Not bad at all, @Frauenfelder.

Kinda crazy that it was such a staple in art school. Mandatory in fact. Yet I don’t know anyone who used them after school.

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I’d love to try this sort of thing but I don’t know how to start. How does one go about transferring what one sees to paper?

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