My favorite sketchpad: Strathmore Series 400


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Ah, sketching. That takes me back. I was a courtroom sketch artist for one delightful summer. I would have kept the job longer, but they fired me after noticing I drew only dicks.


@frauenfelder: if you like the feel of the regular Prismacolor, you would love Cretacolor’s Nero line. It’s an oil-base sketching pencil that uses charcoal instead of graphite. Very crisp marks, jet black, perfect glide, and has a wider hardness range than Prismacolor.


Considering the venue, I’m sure it was some time before they noticed.


Well, that’s what happens when your court has a dick judge presiding over cases that involve only people who are dicks. Find a better precinct next time.


I prefer Canson, personally.


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