Excellent mix media sketchpad

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I use these for pencil sketches and watercolor pen drawing. I agree, they’re excellent, though a bit pricey, especially in the larger sizes. I usually use the 9x12 size. Watch the prices, they are often on sale on Amazon.


Veracity of product OK but link shows $30 for 60 pages… Cripes, alternate Amazon link, exact product $8.99 (search, you peeps won’t allow links). You can put your daughter thru college in a couple weeks making 20 bucks a pop, dad!

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I have to agree. I was skeptical on this brand but when my usual sketch book was out of stock I picked this one up as a placeholder and have now switched to it.

ETA: I know they’re cheap on Amazon too but I didn’t pay any more at my local brick and mortar.


It’s a so-so paper for watercolor, as it isn’t that thick and will warp when it gets wet, but if you have a light touch it’s ok. I find that it’s excellent for use with water-soluble graphite and a water brush, and if you are using watercolor pencils with a water brush. You really want 140 lb paper if you are going to use bigger brushes that you dip in water, though. It is good for ink and markers, however.

I like Canson’s sketch and drawing papers for dry media work, generally prefer them to the equivalent Strathmore products – nice surface, and good price.

In general, though, the Blick equivalents of these papers are cheaper and good quality, especially for student work. I rarely buy sketchpads via Amazon when there are two really excellent online art supply stores in Blick and Jerry’s Artarama with excellent selection. For a lot of art supplies offered on Amazon, you really have to be careful that you aren’t getting old dried-out stock, or counterfeits.


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