Charitable Giving Guide 2019

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Giving to keep the derby kids skating…

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I work for As You Sow. We do good by threading the needle between activism and working with corporations. How? One way is by submitting shareholder propositions that push corporations to be better global citizens. Another is by forcing corporations to disclose hazardous materials.

The one that benefits us ordinary folks the most? Helping us with 401k’s, mutual funds, to KNOW what our money is investing in and whether those investments align with your personal values.

Why never anything about helping third world country needs? World hunger, malaria, access to education, sanitation, water, AIDS, even direct giving of cash to countries where people are destitute has been shown quite effective.

I’ve been on boingboing for quite a long time and confirmed my suspicion that these things, and also the African people, are rarely and for some if ever mentioned on this website.

I’m not rich by US standards, I work in social work these days and my wife does some translation work. But after reading the book on this website, I’ve been sending $20 to various third world country help charities for many years, for a while Oxfam and now

Now, honestly, with the way things have been going lately, I’m wondering if my dollars are going the farthest there and if it would be better to work at changing the system itself.

But it would be nice to at least mention those issues somewhere and I do want to know if every charity mentioned here really deserves a higher place on the list of helping the world than any of those charities where it can be almost proved that you’re saving a life, at least in the short term.

I’m extremely open to other’s arguments about here or there that my money’d be best spent in the world.

Also I get that 1%ers (which I’m not one on the US at all as I said) use giving to these kinds of things as an excuse for not doing other things.

Also for people who say it should government’s job to give foreign aid, yeah. I agree. Um:


One last article I stumbled upon: BBC-budget-goes-to-foreign-aid-what-if-it-did

This is good but you should include the organization’s overhead rate.

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