Charming handmade unicorn pin

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Nothing is timely for the new year. It is January 30.


‘Amazon Handmade’ just seems . . . wrong.

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Is that really handmade though?

Edit: Looking at the description of the item, the design is original but i presume they’ve outsourced the manufacturing of the pin. Nothing wrong with that, it just struck me as weird on the “Handmade” part that Amazon is trying to brand this section of their site as.

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“Handmade’s Tale”?

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Dead inside?
So… do not open, right?


The design is cute, but it isn’t handmade. The seller also sells on Etsy and notes, as per Etsy rules, that the “Pins are manufactured out of house” by 4imprint, Oshkosh, WI (which may also outsource them, possibly to China).

Here are the requirements for Amazon Handmade:

All products available in your Amazon Handmade store must be handmade, i.e. created, altered or assembled entirely by hand (not from a kit). Products must be handmade by you (the Artisan), by one of your employees (if your company has 20 or fewer employees), or a member of your cooperative (if your cooperative has less than 100 people). Sellers are unable to offer mass-produced products or products handmade by different Artisans in the Amazon Handmade store.

The pin, even though it was appears to be designed by an independent artist, it doesn’t seem to meet the explicit “handmade” requirements of Amazon’s Etsy Strangler, which, ironically, has stricter requirements for “handmade” than Etsy.

Not a bad pin though.


As this post flicked past in my RSS feed, I misread the title as Charming handmade unicorn porn. Which, to be fair, fit’s boingboing’s aesthetic just as well as a unicorn badge.

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