Chart of every Nokia dumbphone from 1982-2006

Nokia had a hugely successful product but they were never going to become Apple or Samsung, just as Ford will never be Tesla. It may actually be better for Nokia to shut up shop, sell out to Microsoft, keep the cash and come back with new products or in a totally different market segment.

Certainly better than what Blackberry are trying to do.

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I used to drool over the communicator 9000 series (I was a big Psion fan and that looked like what Psion’s 5mx should have become). Not sure why that one is on a “dumb” phone chart, seemed more like a smartphone to me.

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I think the one I had as my first phone was a 5165i. It lasted 9 years and the main reason I got a new phone was because my carrier wouldn’t support my old plan any more. I don’t think I come anywhere close to using the full capacity of my smartphone. Still, I like my camera, my calculator and calendar, texting, my Kindle app and my mobile internet, so I don’t think I’d go back to a dumb phone anytime soon.

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Honestly apart from the kindle app I think my old nokia did all that.

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