Well, Microsoft finally really did it.

You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

No more Nokia. I am disappoint. My first phone wasn’t a Nokia (it was an Ericsson T18s), but over the years I’ve had all of these:

I don’t think I really want a Surface phone though. Damn. Should have ordered that Ubuntu Edge.

And these are the other phones I’ve owned, a good indication of why I love Nokia and am making a sad face today.

huh. these were great no nonsense phones. I liked the ones with the flashlights on them. I’ve been using Nokia dumb-phones for over a decade now. tough like a tonka truck. the newest one was bought in like 08 maybe. even those had a million things on them that I never used and wish I could erase from them, though.

I have no real love of old cell phones, no matter how Nokia-ized they were.

I was trying to figure out why this is, and I realized it’s because I basically … don’t want to talk to other people. Old phones forced you to talk to people, using your voice, because their keypads made it excruciating to even text, much less type a paragraph.

On modern smartphones, the great innovation is that you rarely need to talk to people… using your slow and hard to understand voice, that is. You can type in a reasonable fashion!

Voicemails, for example – so painful and slow to process compared to a simple text message or email.

T9 was great for texting. Fast and easy.

I never, ever make phone calls unless I have to. If I never had to make another one in my life I could die a happy man.

Oh yeah that T9 sounds … uh, great… for typing text?

For example, if I want to type “Nokia Conversations” I simply press: 6; 6; 5; 4; 2; 0; 2; 6; 6; 8; 3; 7; 7; 2; 8; 4; 6; 6; and 7. Simple right?

I don’t see how any traditional phone numpad can be remotely acceptable for entering text.

Ooooo, I had the red one! I forget it’s particular name/number. It had voice-dialling, which only worked if you weren’t drunk (i.e. when you didn’t bloody need it), and it was such a lovely object to hold. I miss phones being designed as nice tactile objects, not big, square fondleslabs.

I couldn’t tell if you were replying using the phone numpad or providing a model number there…

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That’s the feller. I really liked that wee thing. Mind you, I traded it in for one with a camera and COLOUR SCREEN!!! I’ve still got a 3310 I use if I’m going out 'pon de rave, having destroyed my lovely HTC with fold-out QWERTY board sweating profusely next to a speaker…
(Proper fold-out keyboards need to make a comeback; I hate OSKs)

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