Charter slashes network spending by $2B, but makes up for it by charging its customers more

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I guess as long as they have a plan… capitalism ftw?

I mean, you can’t make an omelette without killing a few chickens and dancing naked in front of a gold statue of mammon.

What? How do you make omelettes?

That’s how I feel about Comcast. They just hiked the cost on my internet by $15 a month ($180/yr).

Although, I guess if the other choice was Charter, I’d still be screwed.


Not surprising that the industry group would claim that spending is up but numbers are numbers. Although this article is from Oct

Oh yes
Screwed for sure.
That’s what Monopolies
do best.
I have Charter too .
I don’t want a Dish hanging off
the side of the house.


According to our HOA, we aren’t allowed to have one. Me? I’m a pragmatist. I care more about how the inside of my house looks than the outside. It’s where I spend most of my time. So a dish wouldn’t bother me, if it cut my internet bill in half and allowed me to tell Comcast to take a flying fuck at the moon.


I think there’s usually laws saying that HOAs can’t ban satellite dishes? I’m sure that varies depending on what jurisdiction you’re in, though…

Where I live (in an apartment which I don’t own), my landlord can’t ban me from having a satellite dish, but can ban me from attaching it to any part of the building which is not within my unit, which effectively makes it impossible for me to install one.

I live in a neighborhood where Comcast has some actual, real competition in the form of Sonic (which is by all accounts an amazing ISP, offers symmetric gigabit fiber at 2/3 the price I pay Comcast for 50 megabits, and doesn’t engage in any sketchy traffic shaping/monitoring). Unfortunately, the landlord won’t let them install either.

This is illegal too, but he doesn’t care because he knows nobody’s going to take him to court over it…


I’m no fan of Charter, but this complaint is off target. Capital expenses are not operational expenses. The big outlay last year was to upgrade the system to DOCSIS 3.1. That’s done; they’re on the current version of DOCSIS. There’s nothing more in customer premise equipment they can upgrade.

That law says that local governments cannot ban dishes. There’s nothing to stop an HOA from forbidding them in the CC&R’s that a home buyer “voluntarily” signs.

Monopoly–> Bad.

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We had a “deal” from Charter that “guaranteed” our rate for life. About a year later they upped the price. We squawked and got our original rate back. Then about 3 months later they hiked the price again. The problem is that they have our credit card number, and charge via it, so every time we have to go through the process of getting the charge corrected too.
Are there ANY honest ISPs in America?


ITV3 has been balls to the wall.

They are so small compared though.

I hear good things about Sonic and MonkeyBrains (both small ISPs in the Bay Area).

You’re only likely to have options like that if you both live in a big city (:ballot_box_with_check:) and own the building you live in (:x:), unforunately…

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