Cheap camera stabilizer

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I don’t know why that contraption made me think of this…


Does it work with expensive cameras too?

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Nothing over 2.2lbs. Heavier is better.

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What if our camera is metric?


1 kegger? What do i call a kg to get over the 6 character limit??

“the mass equal to that of 1000⁄12 · 6.02214X×1023 atoms of 12C”

So a mohel loses his job, and the only work he can find is at the local delicatessen…

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1 kg

Looks like it’s based off the merlin design but at 1/10th the price

First item I’ve seen where the GBP price at is actually less than the USD price at com, rather than double or treble.

Is this a record?

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if you can make a certain weight fit under the supported (handle)
from junk it could cost cents
and it does not necessarily need be hinged …thats a trick

If you don’t need a dedicated unit you can mimic a stedicam unit with just about any cheap tripod. Just leave the legs folded and with a little experimentation you can find an angle at which the legs perfectly balance the camera while you hold the handle connected to the head assembly. Works pretty well for me for short shots.

It’s actually 0.9979 kg. Metric needs twice as many significant figures as customary units.


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