Manfrotto mini tripod


I have a larger tripod by the same manufacturer. Good quality, especially the wearing parts.

Total equipment payload: maximum 1kg/2.2lbs. Please consider that any semi-professional and professional equipment exceeds these requirements


So much more flexible - wrappable - hangable - squish into positionable!
Their largest handles 11 lb.
I’ve had their original for >10 years; good as new, tight & bendy!


Guess I won’t be getting one of these for my Mamiya RB67, then.

C’mon, don’t tease … what is it really? A wine bottle opener or an espresso maker?


This one?

Manfrotto’s larger tripod

Nikon D7000: 780 g
Nikon 40mm f/2.8G AF-S DX Micro-Nikkor: 280 g.

Damn. Just over the limit. :slight_smile:

Except I think mine only has three leg extensions?

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C’mon, this isn’t even an honest recommendation/endorsement (which is the standard BB justification for affiliate links) but a review of Amazon reviews…

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I think he’s asking us what we think. Without actually asking.


Also probably a highly effective form of marketing.

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I’ve had Manfrottos for decades. I have a smaller ‘tripod’ by them.

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I’ve used the older version of this with a D700 and 28-300 lens. If you manage your expectations you’ll be fine.

It’s far better than nothing (propping the camera on something handy).

I’m a bit disappointed in Mark for posting products he hasn’t tried yet with affiliate links.

Here’s what I use with my DSLR: Joby head with 6.5lb capacity:

with Manfrotto 209 legs, the stiffest I’ve seen:

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Yeah, you have a $100 tripod, which I’m sure is well made, and sturdy enough for your purposes. The tripod I chose to display is a $1150 device that supports 20 lbs, is made of carbon fibre, and has a $800 geared head, all the better to support multi thousand dollar lenses.

While Manfrotto’s image is best served by not producing absolute junk, I’m not sure that you can make many inferences as to the quality of a $25 tripod.

Especially since that same company sells mini tripod legs, without a head for the same prices as the product featured in this article. They do support 2 kg, however, which gives a bit more of a safety margin.


I have the Manfrotto that I use with either a Polaroid or pinhole, it’s great for that. But for real camera work I run with Benro’s carbon fiber, amazing deal with an Arca Swiss ballhead.

Looks like a camera-ready R/C copter.

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Be sure to add yourself to the list!!


The goddamn list is always hard to find.

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