Charmingly naïve Christian group names Alaska shelter 'The Glory Hole'

I appreciate that people on street corners trying to tell me about Christ or Islam are trying to do me a favour, but it stops feeling like the right thing to do when it’s a condition on getting food.

I’m sure that for many of these groups they see giving food as treating the symptom and giving spiritual advice as treating the underlying cause, but even if you accept that perspective I don’t think they are taking the right approach. It’s just that it makes me think a bit of Screwtape’s advice about turning someone from God by getting them to pray for their relative’s soul rather than for their relative as a person.


I’m going to cut in on this semi-private discussion to agree with you. I’m not Christian, but whenever I go to visit a particular friend in LA I always join him during his usual shift at Catholic Workers because they are an excellent example of how to do it right. There is no proselytizing at all. It is all about serving others. Period.

The Salvation Army, on the other hand, is just one example of the many organizations which do require the sermon in exchange for food and/or shelter.

So depending on one’s experience, one has either seen how it can be done well or how it can be coercive. Both are true.


That’s where the “credit where it’s due” part comes in. You don’t have to appreciate everything an organization does or stands for to recognize when they do good. Examples:

Catholic Church
GOOD: Feeding and sheltering the homeless
BAD: Enabling and covering up decades of systemic child molestation

Richard Dawkins Foundation
GOOD: Promoting science education and critical thinking
BAD: Public mouthpiece of a guy who insists on acting like a sexist, unsympathetic asshat

At any rate it’s unlikely that the volunteers you’ll find at most Catholic charities are just in it because they want to make sure the Vatican gets a bunch of tax-free swag.

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Why would you refuse to believe something so utterly delightful? Here I was thinking “man, sometimes the world is awesome”.

Thanks for the UU plug!

Habitat for Humanity also does good work in this area.

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Even though you joined in '13, you haven’t participated a whole lot until yesterday. Thus, you’ve missed out on the rich history of dick jokes in the comments section of this website. If it’s not your thing, then feel free to keep on participating hardly at all.

Where’s that list of “people disappointed in BB”?

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So wearing a ball cap would qualify?

My first statement “Shame on you…” was an attempt to paraphrase what the original post was saying. Indeed, the petty, sneering POV of the post is plenty intolerant. A well-placed tasteless joke might make a point. The only point made by this post is that a cynical, adolescent, “Beavis and Butthead” view of life is not only acceptable, it actually is preferable to the good that this homeless shelter might be trying to do.

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ErosBlog has decided to comment on Xeni’s post:



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And what are you adding by amplifying it? I’m not sure you’re aware you’re making it far far worse.

I mean you -think- someone is sneering. I -think- someone is too. We’re not in agreement on who shot first, this site at you, or you at this comments section.

You seem to take it personal is all, and maybe achieving the change you wish to see involves being it. Have a great day! For real.

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I have limitations. That doesn’t make what I say invalid, does it?

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I’m sure the priest didn’t realize there was anything untoward going on with the name… he just showed up to do his business, and suddenly an innuendo came out of nowhere.

I partially agree with you. I was drawing a caricature. I felt upset about the post and I thought making a point out of it was OK. I agree that I shouldn’t make it worse by doing the same, I was feeling bad and wanted to point out what I thought was unjust. I believe the post is unjust. Other posters later on did it better than I did; the video, the appeal to give to the shelter. Peace to you and I’m sorry.

Maybe the post has been changed since it was first posted, but it is referred to a “Charmingly naive” and says they do good work. The linked post on the “Friendly Atheist” has no sneering comments and provides a link to the website which has a prominent donate button. The story was linked so we could laugh at a bit of dramatic irony (that definitely hinges on a juvenile Beavis-and-Butthead-esque reaction, for sure) and an unusual juxtaposition.

I think I can have a laugh at “Click Here to Join the Glory Hole Board of Directors” without being mean to anyone.

If anyone out there is looking down their nose at “stupid christians” for being stupid then that person is indeed being a total jackass, but I don’t think that’s what’s happening here.

[Note: If the post has changed since it was first posted and there was some sneering then good job pointing it out, you probably were part of what made the change happen]


The validity of your comment is probably perfect from your POV, but could be easily construed as opinion by anyone else. YMMV. I’ve been a member of BB forums for quite a while, and expect all manner of goofy stuff and serious stuff to get posted by the editors. Dick jokes to police extrajudical executions to unicorn chasers to feminist topics chocked full of MRA troll comments, I come to see it all (I skip the bananas and Disney stuff, though, not my bag). I’d miss the variety greatly if the editors conformed with the wishes of the minority expressing disappointment with the forums.

Yet you gave me a <3. You’re a good sport. Stick around, check out more topics; you may find your disappointment diminish with increased participation.


Aw, c’mon, just look at it.

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I read BB everyday. Thanks for the good-will.

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Thanks for the update. I appreciate your pointing that out.

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It depends upon which church, of course. But ritual is, generally speaking, purely symbolic. Christians might be more literally-minded than most, but even many of them seem to understand the symbolism behind things concepts as transubstantiation and resurrection. Even a church telling people to take it literally, does not imply that the church themselves understand it literally.