Charmingly naïve Christian group names Alaska shelter 'The Glory Hole'


I refuse to believe this is true…

Unfortunately, words definitions ‘change’.
‘Glory Hole’ was a gold-mining term.
Referred to a pocket of gold ore… reach in to the pocket… and glory.

Same thing as ‘gay’, used to mean glad or gleeful.



Chad Strong, project manager for North Pacific Erectors, tells of the extensive damage done by a broken water pipe on the top ceiling during a tour of the Glory Hole Shelter on Wednesday.

These Guys are going to have a field day with this one.

GLORYHOLE, motherfucker!
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To those who do not know about the pornographic connotations of older terms, or even pornographic new terms such as; “Goatse” and “Glory Hole”, what have you. Shame on you. You are ignorant. Get with it losers. Bend your knee to the new “normal” or be sneered at by those that know better.

No sneering from me, I’m just delighted at the quirkyness. How old-timey it is.

Although I do have a few choice words for a lot of these kinds of religious shelters that basically require religious participation, lest you get kicked out into the cold. Giving someone charity with the contingency that they participate and do something for the religious organization isn’t really charity at all. It’s trading goods and services for eyeballs and ears, just like any other kind of sleazy advertizing, except the churches have their patrons’ balls in a vice.

ETA, I’m not making a statement about The Glory Hole. I don’t know about it. But every single religious shelter I’ve worked at requires the people they’re serving to play along and listen to their pitch. Every secular shelter I’ve worked at doesn’t give a rat’s ass what people believe and focuses on just providing services for the needy.
If the religious shelters all disappeared tomorrow a lot of people would be in a serious bind, so they have their place. But I’d rather see the proselytizing be something that’s opt-in, during off hours, instead of interfering with meal times.


Well, we can pretty much assume the church leaders are not hypocritical Ted Haggards.

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In my experience, generally, Protestant shelters require you to sit and listen, Catholics are very lax about it.


I grew up there. If you ignore the natives who’d lived there for thousands of years, Juneau started as a mining town (named after Joe Juneau, who found gold) and one of the famous features of the old Treadwell mine is the Glory Hole, which can still be seen today, all flooded with water. All sorts of legends and scary stories about it (featuring too many dead teens to be true).

Yeah, there is a bit of wink wink and everyone knows the innuendo, but it’s like knowing a guy named Dick. Eventually it stops being smirky.


Heh-heh-heh… ‘Dick Smirky’…


Yup. Verified.


I thought the value of ‘Beavis and Butthead’ was seeing the inherent limitations of adolescents making pee-pee jokes. Maybe I read it wrong. I guess I’m surprised to see those same jokes being celebrated here, on a blog that purports to shape new culture. (I’m not talking about you, Eksrae, I’m talking about the post).


I’m willing to bet they’re going to be very well funded from people thinking they meant the other kind of glory hole.

Originally it was where you blew things.

Like glass.


Made this short at the Glory Hole. The director, Maria is an amazing human being and they’re happy to receive donations of turkey, ham or pie fixins.

Feel free to donate to the “notably naive Christian group”, they do important work in our community and you’ll get to tell all your friends how much you put into the Glory Hole.


It still means that. Kinda.



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Sprinkling in a glory hole? I guess it happens.

I actually see this more as an example of obiviousness to what the term meant in Alaska’s gold mining history.


Good for them. Everyone cares about the homeless in theory, but people willing to step up and actually make things better are rare. No good deed goes unpunished.