Deal: Snowflake Micro-Drone

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No camera? What is the payload carrying capacity, how many grams?

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Was about to say, “best in class” is debatable if it can’t carry a camera. There’s another micro drone on amazon that has a 640 camera, costs $70…

WTF. I hope it’s also a deal for mom?

And I bet she’ll appreciate you finally getting her a Mother’s Day present. Not that you should consider the 17 hours of labor she went through with you to be worth any effort of remembering on your part.


This is WAY too expensive for a micro drone without a camera. You can get the exact same class of drone for under $20 from any of the Chinese online stores. I got a Gin H7 for $18 from TinyDeal, for example.

These things can carry very little. Don’t expect to be able to attach your GoPro to it, for example. They’re really all about the flying, and that’s it. My H7 is actually quite maneuverable, but I’m still just getting the hang of it (thankfully, it also handles crashes very well - like when I either give it too much lift and crash into the ceiling, or panic in the reverse direction and take away too much lift, and it crashes into the ground)

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That’s to be expected. The question is, if it can carry a lightweight camera from another kind of a drone in this size class.

Also, the controls tend to be oversensitive. It’d be nice to be able to limit them to say 20% of the range, for slower and more precise maneuvering.

I’m not aware of any micro-drones that have removable/replaceable cameras… Though I’ll admit that I haven’t looked very hard. All of the ones I’ve seen, though, have cameras built into the chassis. It’s the bigger classes of drones that have non-attached cameras.

And yeah, SUPER sensitive controls, takes a lot of practice. Preferably away from interfering walls and ceilings, if possible.

Micro Drone 2.0 comes with an optional detachable camera.

Camera can be bought separate.

The question is if the precious Snowflake has enough thrust margin to carry one of these.

Oooh sweet. The props on that one look much bigger than the props on my H7 (and on the Snowflake in the OP). £40 for the camera is pretty pricey though - if you’re going to spend that, plus $40US for a snowflake (and also not have any way to control the camera from the snowflake remote), you can get a much better deal. Hell, there are sub-$40 microdrones with cameras at Gearbest.

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Also, if the camera is not too tightly integrated with the drone it is built into, you can resect it out and transplant it to another one. You’ll have to do your own casing but you also can run a naked board, with the environmental exposure caveats.

“Air drones” are so 2014…
Seawolf GoPro Submarine

So you've got a GoPro and a thirst for underwater footage. Unless you're wearing scuba gear, you're probably not going to be able to take it very far down. That's where the Seawolf GoPro Submarine comes in. This submersible vehicle has a built-in waterproof mount for your camera, can reach depths of 30 feet, and can wirelessly transmit live video back to either your phone or a dedicated screen, thanks to a tethered connection to a mini surface boat. A 100% tethered model is also available with up to 30m of cable, and there's an optional Pelican case for keeping all your gear safe during transport.

I want a drone like that, with a 360° camera, follow-me-mode, obstacle avoidance and at least 1 hour flight (and recording) time. That’d be the perfect companion when cycling to and from work.


How does it hold up against angry drunken hobos with ninja shirt flinging skills?


All depends on the operator skills. I think it could outmaneuver them and stay just out of reach for long enough to drive them to a self-inflicted stroke.

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prolly it cannot carry even a super mini camera ~ most likely takes at least one size class up ( what is a size class in this range ?? is a hand held 7 inch total size really that much larger than a palm held 3 1/2 inch ?? why yes , yes indeed !! ) and , also , as a cheapest ( maybe ) in class , and as a trainer for a small camera carrier , i kinda recommend the cheerson cx10A from ( note !! free shipping is on a SLOOOWWWW blimp from the orient !! ) ~ also , what is this " anti-collision technology " ?? i can find no info ? also , most small quads have beginner modes with reduced sensitivity ,still touchy though ~

My Gin H7 has a slow and fast mode. The fast mode is completely unusable for me. Lol. The slow mode is still twitchy as hell, but I’ve at least mostly been able to have it hover without launching it into the ceiling, now. The CX-10a looks like a great little one though.

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