Manfrotto mini tripod

You say that like you’re disappointed…

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I have a similar rig from manfrotto and their monopod. I use their pan and scan head. It is a great set up that I use with my Rolliflexes, Nikon F5, D3, D800, Mamiya 7 and a few others. I regularly use a Nikon 300mm f2.8 Ais(?) Lens that weighs in around 14lbs for Surf Photography. I also use the 70-200 f2.8 afd (?)often.

I am fairly confident manfrotto is the brand to buy in tripod and head type kit.

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Nikon? I thought you were a pedant. Clearly Canon is where it is at.

Not just Nikon, but film Nikon

There’s no way it should weigh that much—most 300/2.8 lenses weigh in at around 5 or 6 pounds, and the AI-s is no exception.

This 300mm Nikon weighs 7 kilograms. It’s extremely rare, though.

It’s also f/2.0, and not f/2.8, which makes it a very different beast indeed.

If we’re ignoring aperture size, I can show you a 300mm Nikkor that weighs under a pound.

True enough-- I think that if you had a 300mm f/2.0, you would definitely not confuse it for an f/2.8…

It is the AIS, evidently it is lighter that I remember.

I will say older Nikons film cameras have fewer light leaks, but that’s all I concede.


Nikon controls are what I know. Also I own a lot of Nikon glass. I am sure Canon is just as good. I am not religious about camera gear, just spiritual.

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