Fantastic Manfrotto 3-way head


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where you put the coffee?


Don’t both of those lenses have a rotatable tripod collar? Doesn’t seem like you don’t need the extra complexity of the 3 way head for them.

That being said, I’ve found my old Bogen stuff to be of lasting quality.


It’s a little difficult to pan with the lenses’ tripod collar.


I was imagining a sculpture or illustration of some monster that I’d never heard of before.


I only caught a quick glimpse of it, and had a few minutes to jot something down before a meeting, but I wanted to let you know…you were right…I don’t know what Jason’s playing at…


Ohhhh myyyyy!


So, even better than putting the camera on one of those inflatable hammock things? Z-frames and lamp feet below the head?

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