This tripod-selfie stick is fantastic

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Okay, so this seems like a nice tripod and I looked up the company which led me to YouTube to check out a review on their 360 camera (and I’m legitimately impressed how far the tech has progressed). But midway in the review I watched an adorable little doggo waddled by in the background AND THIS IS NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN.


Forget the selfie-stick and camera; I need to know more about this adorable pooch!


There’s no tilt adjustment; the camera always points toward the horizon. I couldn’t use this as my only tripod.

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Tilt is not needed with 360 cameras or gopros that have built in tilt mounts. But then the 1/4” post is the wrong mount for gopros.

Adam Savage uses a related set up, a Manfrotto monopod with similar tripod feet and a flexible Loc-line attachment at the top. And he makes videos viewed by millions of people with that set up all the time.

This Insta360 skinny tripod is probably more stable than Savage’s version since it is not as top heavy, but maybe less sturdy and adjustable, and not as tall.

You can get 1/4 20 to go pro fingers adapter.

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I love dogs, but forget the pooch. This dude uses an entire and otherwise empty 8,500 square foot video studio with 1.6 miles of RGB RoscoLED Tape that uses up to 87,000 Watts of power for the overhead lighting, for unboxing videos!!! :open_mouth:

87 Thousand Watts of light, for unboxing videos.

That just bugs the crap out of me. Sooo not relaxing to watch.

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