This durable smartphone tripod is the thinking person's selfie stick


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But can it fly?


Thinking person? My smartphone is so smart I let it do the thinking for me!


thinking person’s selfie stick

What the crap does that even mean?


They’re making a (dubious) appeal to superiority by shitting on the “pedestrian” vanity of the selfie stick while hypocritically extolling the vanity of exceptionalism that’s supposedly exemplified by a flexible tripod. It’s lowbrow/highbrow false dichotomy. Apparently they think that we’re all smug elitists who are easily manipulated into buying novelty gadgets that supposedly showoff our superior sensibilities.


The thinking person hands their camera to someone and has them take a photo. Stop all this selfie shit.


Wait, we’re not?


I’m thinking I don’t need a selfie stick.


Hmm, looks like a cheap Gorillapod knock-off, I’d stick to the originals myself.


Taking your own pictures is for the poor.

Just hire a photographer to follow you around your grounds and let them worry about when to take pictures.


Photographer? Psh. Get your own documentarian!


You might want this one.


Jolly good, let no expense be spared :money_with_wings:



TBH he did skimp when he hired this guy


Just what I’d want… a ‘selfie stick’ that can only take pictures of me looking down at my phone frantically trying to control the quadcopter that’s floating all over the place in the location’s air currents!


I’m fairly certain that character asked for twice his usual rate.


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