This smartphone grip is insurance against selfie butterfingers


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I can’t be supportive of any product that reduces the incidence of selfie takers dropping and smashing their phones.


The deluxe model also saves you from falling off cliffs or being eaten by lions.


Even if it could be a good product for people who have grip issues, you know, like people with arthritis or what have you?


Get a grip, you can’t just bring sensible arguments to a meeting of the BBSAS.1)

1) Boing Boing Shop Appreciation Society


Perhaps my favourite cycling moment of all time. Not exactly a selfie, but mugging for the camera nonetheless. Any product that reduces the incidence of this sort of thing must be condemned.


Even if it helps people with actual disabilities?


That’s so Darwinian!



I might not be 100% serious on this one. Just sayin’


What? Jokes on the BBS? Does not compute!



Those who take pictures of themselves are deeply flawed.


butter-fingers comes with distraction too… so don’t count on it


That’s quite a neutral statement, new community member.


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