An "anti-drop" device for Phablets


I think you’d probably find the FlyGrip more useful.


As an iPhone 5 user, I have another anti-drop device, called my fingers.


My fingers are terrible anti-drop devices.


I had a wrist strap for my camera but I used to forget it was on and reach for something and send my camera flying.

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These are also fantastic from an accessibility stand point too! I recently bought a cheap one off amazon for my father who is a quadriplegic. Because of the limitations he has with the dexterity in his hands, the ring allows for ease of handling while using and gives a sturdy place for him to attach a lanyard to (remember when phones had lanyard loops?).

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I use small pieces of anti-slip tape from 3M, the same stuff you’d put on outdoor steps, on my 6+. It’s basically like having sandpaper on the back on the back of the phone, but it makes it much easier to hold. I almost never drop my phone anymore. I use the Radius v2 case from to protect the corners and keep the grip tape scratching the surfaces i place my phone on. I love the combination - minimal, hard to drop, but protected in all the right places if I do.

A version for 9.7 inch Ipads would be nice.

That’s cool! but not the only thing out there. I just found a iPhone 5 case at Container Store for $10 that sports a ring on the back that becomes a stand.

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Let’s see you put that in your pocket.

Perhaps good design could come to the rescue. Is it really smart to make such expensive devices out of slippery materials?

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The phones still can have them. You just have to do a small casemod.

I did it to my phone, for carrying it on my neck, and I never dropped it in many many years.

It is. Clumsiness is usually not covered by warranty, and the money keep rollin’…

OK, is it really smart to BUY expensive devices made out of slippery materials?

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If you want to get really aggressive with this approach, try “edger” grip tape for skateboards. Puts the regular stuff to shame.

Plus, if you ever have the need to use your phone to cause minor lacerations (presumably to some ne’er do well), then you’re all set!

RIP my pocket fabric

I just got this for my big old Nexus 6:

It’s awesome, the difference between this and what’s being touted in the article/comments is the suction cup. None of the adhesive products work very well on phones with curved cases. Mine is stable and easy to bust out with one hand. It’s indispensable when standing on a crowded bus.

I can’t hold these devices right due to the way I was born. :frowning:

Saw this a while ago and did some research on just about everything like it, ended up going with a loopy case. It wasn’t even a question compared to the others. Way more comfortable, ergonomic, pocket friendly, and it’s actually a case, not something you literally stick to your phone. Looking forward to seeing these guys grow, might even try to make a post on it soon. Seriously loving this thing.

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