Thumb extender for big phones


Of course,the larger screen compensates for the loss of precision and flexibility.

More aesthetic than functional. The thumb end should be thinner, to not obscure the display so much. A stick with conductive pad would be better.

That’s a low bar for “aesthetic”, or perhaps you simply have a dim opinion of artists in general

I’m even having problems with the 6, nevermind the 6 Plus - I don’t know how people deal with phabletes like that.

You could stick with a iphone 5. but it doesn’t support the nfc feature (perhaps even if combined with the Apple Watch)

So, that’s what things would be like if I’d invented the fing-longer.


Similar finger extensions were proposed in the days of the Casio calculator watch, only with a teeny fingertip rather than a big thumb.

I totally remember seeing that - was it Mad Magazine? I just looked for it but couldn’t find it…

TIL: Most people seem to have tiny hands.

“Aesthetics”? That word is more often than not used as a poor excuse for lousy functionality. Artists are usually the ones guilty of the wrong tradeoffs, of putting appearance above performance, and using annoyingly superbright blue LEDs where a dim green would do.

For the record, I have nothing against things looking “pretty”, as long as it does not impair the more important factors, like usability, possibility to take it apart and put together again, standard colors meaning (green=good, red=bad), and cost.

Also excellent for fingering G Major Neutral Zero.

Ah, have you tried the magical “double touch” (yes, I know how that sounds)? Just double touch the Touch ID sensor (don’t actually depress it), and the whole screen shifts down so that your stubby thumbs can reach.

You know, I did actually do that that by accident the other day. I spent like an hour trying to figure out how to do it again. I thought that was a feature only of the iPhone 6+, and I thought you needed to press the power button twice, not just tap it.

Thanks for clarifying! You saved me from buying that ridiculous plastic thumb!

Hold phone in one hand. Use finger from other hand.

No snark intended, but it’s how I’ve used my Galaxy Sx phones, also means I’m less likely to drop it. Could be a possible correlation with how many iPhones I see with broken screens compared to other high end phones.

I carry the phone on a ribbon on my neck (with a quick-detach clamp). Never broke a single phone display (yet, at least), and can drop the phone anytime I need both hands. Surprisingly practical.

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Helpful when hitchhiking too!

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