iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max: A Closer First Look [PHOTOS]

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…were touted as ‘the best and biggest displays’ yet for iPhone.

Is Trump moonlighting as a copywriter? "There are a lot of good screens on all kinds of phone out there, but these screens are the best! They’re YUGE!"

Nah, it must be a coincidence. Everything is spelled correctly.


I think they’ve run out of useful features to add to phones…

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Hrm. Disappointed at what is now the “small” end. I’ve got an iPad, I don’t need a big phone.

Agreed. If anything they’ve found useful features to remove from phones.

Does “immersive soundstage” mean “louder speaker for people to play annoying videos on in public spaces”?


The public spaces will be turned into sound stages. I can’t see how anyone could be against that.

These look fabulous. I feel kind of old with my Samsung Note 4, which still works thanks to the very old fashioned technology of having a removable battery compartment and user replaceable batteries. The near instant obsolescence of portable electronics is a monstrous waste of resources.

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