Apple's new iPhones: Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. Pre-orders start Friday. (photos)


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The heart features on the new watch look very intriguing. And I think i’m over the notch and FaceID now.

I might be ready to step into the brave new world.


And here I just upgraded to an iPhone 6.


So I’m the only one pining for some bezel here, huh? No one else keeps accidentally switching from Adventure Time to The Hive whenever they reach for the volume rocker and then has to re-navigate Hulu’s bullshit interfaces…grumblegrumble

In any case, I’m still on a Note5, it’ll be a decade at best before any of these features trickle to me through Samsung…


You’re fine. I wouldn’t buy an old Android phone, but Apple does a better job of supporting their stuff.


I wish the watch worked with an iPad. It’s probably going to be the reason why I end up with an iPhone sometime in the next year.


No “smaller” replacement for the iPhone SE? Dumb…


Lots of whiz bang expensive stuff. Long live my “shit” phone!


I do like my iPhone X - I like the FaceID and it has 256gb memory so I can keep my entire song and photo library on it - but mostly because I didn’t have to pay for it.

I see zero reason to upgrade anytime soon.


Wow. I’ve switched to manufacturers that don’t even market in North America, just to be able to buy a smallish phone with decent specs.


The SE has been discontinued. Which means the price of entry for buying an Iphone has gone up about $100, and they no longer make any phones that are designed for comfortable one handed use.

When my current SE dies, I guess I’ll be haunting ebay for a replacement.

Well, lots of sites appear to have egg on their face. The SE is still listed as a current product on Apple’s site. What’s changed is that they no longer sell it themselves - it’s now only available from authorized resellers. Looks like they are trying to keep people from walking out of their stores with the cheapest possible phone. :frowning:


I don’t care.





I actually want to have an iPhone now after years of androids. But these names are just horrendous! Xr? Xs?


I guess in part it’s because young people no longer hold phones up to their ears: they either use speaker or headphones, apple hoping you use their horrible in ear things… So one handed operation isn’t really a thing any more. Apples iPhone 5 was significantly smaller than other high end phones and looked really odd against a y smartphone by the time they discontinued it.

Any chance you could pay some tax Tim Crook?

“if you’re having money problems then I’m sorry for you son, I got 13 billion problems, payin tax ain’t one”


I never use my phone for calls either. I still very much like having a phone that fits comfortably in my pocket and in my hand. Something that you’re not allowed to have anymore from Apple.


I have literally had to bite my tongue recently to stop myself from yelling “USE IT LIKE A FUCKING PHONE YOU MORON” at a lady yelling at her phone on handsfree mode in a light breeze due to the audio distortion from the wind. I’m only in my 30s still, this can’t be such an incomprehensible way of using a phone yet.

And as for discontinuing the SE… Grr. I don’t want a goddamn “phablet” with telephony, I want a smart phone. That’s a thing that fits in your hand. A tablet is something you use two hands for. I’m on the bigger-handed guy size with fairly long fingers, and I still can’t comfortably use a 6 one-handed. I guess form beats function yet again. Sigh


Oh and one more thing! We know we’ve let the Mac line languish, so as of today, we are refreshing our entire line of Macs, including the Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Air (retina) and we’d like to share with you this concept video of our new modular Mac Pro shipping in Q1-2019… lights please.

and then I woke up (to more gizmos)


This is my phone of choice right now, too. Bought it used. It fits in my pocketses for crying out loud and I can hold it with one hand when I’m reading ebooks in bed.


So impressive. So much “no” for me. Apart from the fact that for our household it wouldn’t be one $1,100 phone; it would be two $1,100 phones.

For those that can afford it, godspeed and enjoy.

Also. “Xs Max”? Is that anything like “Excess Max”? Is subtlety dead?