Apple’s next iPhones and iPads: Triple camera, 3-D back camera for AR, new Face ID, iOS 13 Dark Mode, new cheap iPad

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No updated SE? Forget it.

I just bought one of the iphone SEs apple was selling on clearance. I already have one but I want a backup before they’re gone. They run great on the newest iOS and aren’t behemoths like everything else Apple makes. I won’t need to “upgrade” for years.


I’m still not going to pay $1000 for it.


There’s still plenty on Amazon.

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Any hint of the killer feature I want…fits in my tiny lady hand the way my iPhone 5 does? That’s the one thing I’m holding out for (That’s right Apple, I’m still using an iPhone 5. Because I’d rather not dislocate fingers trying to hold my phone).


I think they should try just one more USB standard…they could really get it right this time.

What the world needs now, is one more USB standard. It’s the only thing that there’s just, too little of.

I just bought a used SE to replace an Iphone 6S+ At this point I think we should all acknowledge the little ffers are ruining our lives and our brains. I would like a phone that does less things, not more.

Particularly irritating is that Apple blocks most of the better distraction software. It works not amazingly well on Android but it does work. It’s pretty clear they like people to be glued to their phones. EFFEM.


I agree, I want a phone that I can carry in my pocket. On the trains in Tokyo you have to use your phone with one hand and the new ones are just too big.


Can it core a apple?


It is made by Apple Core§.


12 projectors, 4 headphone ports with swappable DACs, and it hovers like a…well, a wasp or katydid, depending on what’s going on, and it comes with 3 sticky lampshade things and one that’s a church key. Eats invasive bugs in summer.

sully75> less things, not more.

Slouchbot, go!

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Just bought a used/refurbed SE as well and will be using it until they come out with a phone that comfortably fits in a normal person’s pants pockets again.


It continues to amaze me that it took this long for anyone to realize that the future of consumer photography is neither hardware nor software but firmware? I.e. what’s already baked into the thing when you take it off the shelf. Not better post processing tools, not more megapixels or a bigger lens, just a camera that has half an idea of what you’re trying to do and just does it for you.

My Fuji X100F takes amazing photos if I take the time and effort to tailor it to the situation. My iPhone often takes just as good photos without me having to think about it.

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“Siri, please* shop me in to all the photos people are taking at this party, and make me look cool.”

*I can’t imagine not saying please when asking a device for assistance.

Oh god I’m likewise amazed that people keep insisting voice control is the future but don’t realize how insanely dorky it is to talk to an appliance.

“Siri please make me not look like a douchenozzle”
“I’m sorry Dave I can’t do that.”

Anyway: likewise? I can’t not say please and thank you, and it actually really irks me that Siri doesn’t say “you’re welcome.”

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My iPhone X fits fine in the front pocket of every pair of pants I own - what kind of trousers are you wearing?

I mean, there are plenty of reasons to like or dislike the sizes of various objects, but this seems like unnecessary exaggeration

My housemate has an iPhone XR. I’ve tried it in some of my pants, it’s OK, not a big deal. In the skinny jeans that have become the new standard style right now, my SE fits in the front pocket snugly; an XR pokes from the top and is uncomfortable. I’d rather not tailor my purchase of pants to what phones will fit in them (or vice versa).

Well I thought my jeans were somewhat skinny but I’ll defer to your experience.

Wake me up when it can scan my world and I can go back to sleep.

This is why I am not an iPerson.

I don’t want my camera to see what I am doing and have a half idea of what I’m trying to do and insist on doing it, despite me wanting to do something else that it won’t let me do because isn’t this better?

I may want to take a photograph at 200 ISO and f/8 1/200; 400 ISO f/2.4 at 1/1600 isn’t the same. The camera may want to balance the exposure and focus on the only thing in the photograph that I don’t care about: the background. (Or vice versus - a nicely exposed and focused photograph of the back of the person in front of me’s head versus the band that I paid to see.)

There is nothing more frustrating to someone who knows what they are doing than a tool that tries to take the creative control out of their hands. I would rather take the time to learn how to do something than to be stuck with what my tool wants to do for me.

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I’m holding on to my old iPhone for its headphone jack.

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