Design your perfect iPhone

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Looking at all those cameras gave me that Trypophobia-feel.


Mine would have some sort of knurling machined onto the body to make it less slippery, and of course a much larger battery than the inadequate ones Apple uses. In any case I am not buying another iPhone until they switch to USB-C to comply with EU regulations.

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I just want the smaller screens back.


oh dog yes. When I ordered an iphone 6 it came next day but a freaking case took a week to get. The first day I was using the phone without a case it, of course, slipped out of my hand and got a scratch and crack in the bottom corner. too big and too slippery. I have a 12 mini now and got a case before using.

The start condition is perfection – no ports or buttons whatsoever, just a seamless, slippery obelisk that lights up to your longing gaze and gentle caress. /s

Isn’t that the iPhone SE?

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This is the only way to get a 3.5mm headphone jack on an iphone now

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Reminds me of Light’s L16 camera

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The current SE is still too large. What I use now.
OG SE was perfect size.

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The real treat is the angelic music and Tiny Tim Apple popping up with his random marketing catchphrases when you click “present”

I feel like an actual phone manufacturer could create a tool like this to get feedback from the world on what people actually want in a phone.

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