iPhone SE still the best one, obviously

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glances down at decrepit iPhone 6s, feels slight twinge of smugness


I’m still happily using my SE. When it dies, I’ll look for a used SE to replace it, or perhaps the similar iPhone 8.

I covet the far-superior camera of my friends’ XR, but I’ve played with it, and that thing’s just huge.


Same. The tech had pretty much matured by the time the SE came out and any improvements since then have been incremental or even altogether unnecessary, not transformative. We saw a similar plateau among iPod models.

I don’t know what Apple’s genuinely revolutionary Next Big Thing is going to be but I doubt it’s going to be yet another iPhone.


Word. The thing is the Mach 3 of phones.


That’s what we did last year, and it still feels like the right decision.

After the iPhone X came out, and the iPhone 8 price dropped, plus a buy 1 get 1 deal on the 8, I bought three of them to replace two iPhone 6 and an additional phone line.

The extra cost and increased size of the XR or X and now 11 didn’t seem like a good trade off. We’ll see what next year or the year after brings. Probably worth making another switch then, even if it has to be larger. Plus, I’ll need another line about then.

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Large hands and clinging to my SE for its headphone jack and near ideal (pocket) size.

Large phones make just about as much sense as a large watch.

But hey BB, if you want to see some actual change, rally your mutants.


Only a matter of time before there’s one of these for phones:


My former 5s was awesome, until I accidentally updated it, then it turned into a brick. Thanks Apple…


I can see why some people like them; they see them as a ‘small tablet’ and enjoy having a large screen for video, video chat, games, and having less eye-strain while reading. But the people I know with X-sized iPhones are using them as a more manageable alternative to an iPad and are used to carrying them in their backpack or shoulder bag anyway. I use my SE as a phone/email/web tool I keep in my pocket and wouldn’t really want anything much bigger than it.


+1 for the SE! Bought another one when Apple discounted them earlier this year to clear out remaining stock. I’ll never buy a giant phone. I hate them. If Apple made a new phone that was the size of the SE I’d pay new phone prices for it, like, IMMEDIATELY, take my money. But as is, I’ll probably never buy another iphone if they’re large. Sorry Apple.

I hope the phablet fad reverses at some point, small phones used to be en vogue after all.


As another devoted SE holdout, I want to find whoever is in charge of iPhone development, sit them down in a theater, and force them to watch, Clockwork Orange style, the iPhone 5 introduction event where Phil Schiller went on and on and on about why a 4" phone made the most ergonomic sense. Hands haven’t changed since then, Apple!


I got my SE two years ago in a deal with Sprint and right now, it works perfect for everything I need it for (fat fingers and all). Why spend money for more stuff / features I don’t need or wouldn’t use.

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My iPhone 5 is now going on seven years of service. Doesn’t run all the latest software but is still getting security updates. I might finally give in and get an upgrade this year, but it will whatever is the cheapest/smallest option.


Still using my 6s here. It’s still a bit awkwardly big sometimes even though it’s not the huge one, I miss having a phone that I could use one-handed without stretching.

I’ve toyed with the idea of replacing it with a cell-enabled iPad Mini as I am a lady who has purses instead of pockets, and one of my major uses for the thing is reading books on the go. Realistically I’m probably not replacing it until it gets unfixably broken.


My 5S is still going strong. You heard me right.



Hear, hear!

I refuse to buy a phone so huge I have to wear bib overalls with a chest pocket just to accommodate it.

Isn’t it weird that phones got so huge and jeans got so skinny? Trying to wedge one of these things into a pants pocket is like trying to park a Canyonero SUV in one of the ever-shrinking parking spaces.


I’m an Old Fogey but it’s wacky to me, too. In the days when the RAZR and Sidekick were the height of coolness, the running gag was that phones were going to continue to get tinier and tinier until they’d fall into your ear if you weren’t careful. Now it’s The Future and they’re the size of a legal pad.


My SE finally started having so many issues that I had to upgrade, fortunately I use Virgin Mobile, so I was able to get a new 6S for only around $200 . It’s a little bigger, but not the behemoth that the newer versions are. It still fits in my pocket and has a headphone.

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