iPhone 6 Plus is the iPad Mini Minus


They’re really missing an opportunity to sell to consumers who want a 6.7 inch screen.


I feel like a Jared Leto joke is somehow inevitable in this thread.

If you are already an Apple kind of guy, I wonder if you would miss the garden?

I have the Note 2, and my 7 inch tablet never gets used unless I am traveling without my laptop.

Im also not much of a phone talker, but when I am in phablet to face mode, it has never bothered me. The only time I notice the Note’s heft is when Im holding someone elses tiny toy phone and I am comforted by how easy it is to manage in one hand.

Give me a nexus phablet and I would be happy until the next phone revolution.


I am right there with you. Love my Note 2. I’ve been a Mac user since 1987, and I have an ipad which I greatly enjoy, so I’m kind of an Apple fan, but I can’t stand the iphone. It feels like a toy, and not in a good way. I’m not sure a larger form factor would do anything to change that.

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Amazon sez:

You purchased this item on July 18, 2008.
It's a great phone... Used it for facilities that had very strict "no camera" policies and when I was doing something that had a good chance of leading to immersion in water or other damage.

Stay away from Samsung, get vanilla android. I personally love Motorolas and Nexus phones. The new Moto G is hard to beat if you need a real smartphone without a contract and don’t want to spend a fortune. Having a phone that’s cheap but doesn’t annoy you is an incredible feeling.


I am not a big phone user either but I need to be theoretically available/accessible at certain times - even if no one calls. If the iPad mini had built in phone capabilities It would total be what i wanted. However i am going to hold on to my 5 until either the 6s or 7 and we will see what the options are then.

As for your decision to jump over to android or not I cannot help you.

I got my first android about a year ago, the thing I’m not missing is that I don’t feel anxious about not upgrading since my phone does not get one step closer to being obsolete with every new model that comes out.

Having said that, the hardest thing to understand about Android is that there is no baseline for specs, so its hard to understand how much power a phone really has, you can get a pretty cheap 1.3 Ghz quad core phone, but nowhere is it mentioned that its running an A7 processor which roughly puts it on par with performance from a dual core 1 ghz A9, but with better battery life.
Of course both phones have enough power for 95% of the things most people want to do which only makes things more confusing.

I would actually suggest getting a cheap android phone and playing around with it, root it so you know what the fuss is about, it will be easier to make an informed decision if you actually decide to fully transition to the Android world.


Sometimes I get a little nostalgic–when people mention the iPhone is “small”, I remember reading WAP sites on (I think) this phone.


I HATE the “phablet” craze. I thought the iphone5 was too big, the 6 is DEFINITELY too big!!! I can’t wait for the trend to reverse and either screens will encompass an entire phone’s surface and overall phone sizes will shrink, or phones will just get smaller again.

I liken it to the period where car designers wanted everything to be a touchscreen before realizeing “gee, people actually prefer knobs and buttons.”

People want phones that are portable, but because companies wanna aim for the lowest common denominator, we get bigger phones…arg.


I tend to agree. I have a nexus 5 and it is as big as I would ever want, and I’m a big dude. Heh, I also don’t uses phone cases cause they just make the device too bulky. The size of the iPhone was its biggest draw for me personally.

Now, if you want to talk bully’s martin one, who here had one of these (raises hand)

As an Android kind of guy who’s on record in some areas of the internet as being rather less than fond of Apple, I’m still going to agree with this.

You’re in an ecosystem. Jumping from Apple to Android now will mean some costs. Yeah, that’s obvious once said - but it’s still really worth looking at all the apps you have and nipping along to the Google Play store and costing up the repurchasing or replacement.

Then add that on top of any phone costs and contract costs you’ll incur.
(It’s right about this kind of time that subscription services begin to make a bit more sense over the traditional “pay once, own it for life”. The problem is, the life of what? Anyway, that’s a discussion for some other day.)

All that having been said, you did ask for phone recommendations. If you’re dead set on switching, I’d recommend looking at the Sony Xperia Z2/3. I have a Z1, the 2/3 models are very much “let’s refine it” releases. Heck, according to the reviews, there’s something wrong with my Z1’s screen - I hadn’t noticed, but am sure looking forward to an upgrade now! :wink:

Sony’s Android adjustments are a light enough touch, they’ve been good to me with updates (On Vodafone UK - started on Android 4.2, got 4.3 almost immediately out of the box and and 4.4 reasonably quickly after its release), and the hardware is superb. It looks good, feels great to handle, is waterproof, and doesn’t skimp on specifications.

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Samsung is just trying to stay relevant, but instead of adding value to end users they’re striving to create negative transfer.

Great hardware, terrible strategy.

For the uninitiated, Samsung even flipped the colors and directions of recent call arrows:

The rows with icons pointing TO your contact’s picture are calls FROM them, while arrows pointing FROM their picture are calls TO them. A red arrow is an outgoing call, not a missed call? Bravo Samsung, bravo.

I’m convinced a significant part of the reason people don’t like android is because they don’t like Samsung android.

I hear non-Samsung manufacturers don’t focus their entire UI customization on trying to lock people in.

Some of them even have improvements.

But, hey, it’s android - you can always root and install a custom rom if it’s available for your device after several hours of work.


I’ve been using mobile devices since the Palm Pilot. I even had a Palm VII, one of the first devices that kind of resembled today’s cellular data-connected smartphones (without the phone part, of course). I’ve owned every iPhone since the original, and absolutely would not switch to Android now. Not just because I like Apple stuff, but because for me, I prefer Apple’s approach. Their system is integrated. The hardware and OS is integrated. Things like Continuity with iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 are what you can pull off when you control the entire ecosystem. Apple has the most thriving mobile app ecosystem IMHO. And the iPhone 6 is just plum slick! I’m not sure what’s not to love, and why someone would choose now of all times to jump ship to Android. If anything, I think a lot of Android people are going to leap over to iOS. Personally, I’m getting the 4.7" model.

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Modsplain this to me. I know who JL is, and I know what phones are…but I am not getting it…

I never understood why the heck the ipad has a 4:3 form factor … as one of my uses is actually watching some TV / movies … until now I found the phone screens too tiny and iPads waste a lot of space on black bars … so, this makes the 6Plus very interesting for me … actually, the least used feature for me is the phone functionality … BUT having said that, I will not make any decision before I hold a 5.5" device and try to cram it in my pocket (hope the guys at the apple store will let me test that) … if it is not easily portable anymore, I am out …

hmm new phone test, if you can steal it from the store it is the right size.


If it was a device intended exclusively for watching video it probably wouldn’t, but a widescreen ratio would feel weird in the hand if you held it vertically. There’s a reason most people use Letter or A4 paper sizes for printed documents.