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I just got one. For me it was an easy choice. I was upgrading from a seven-year-old iPhone 5, and I didn’t want a phone with FaceId. I didn’t want to get one any bigger than I had to. The more expensive phones don’t have any features I feel compelled to pay for. I don’t need the camera to be anything other than a decent instamatic, since I have better cameras here already. I figure with the latest processor, it will be able to keep up with software updates for some time.


Perhaps if you are in need of a really good camera, you should go and buy an actual camera.

Somewhat like complaining your Honda Civic’s towing capacity isn’t the same as a Ford F350.


iPhone SE: Makes all your garden sheds look like Renoir’s garden shed.


Speaking as someone who has uses multiple cameras on a regular basis, the advantage of a phone camera is that you always have it with you–and that may not be true of your other cameras. The camera in my iphone is pretty decent and I’ve gotten some good shots I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to get.

Having said that, if I’m going out specifically to take pictures (which I used to do pretty often, back in the good old days of two months ago) I would prefer to use a real camera.

I have to confess that my main criteria for getting a new phone is whether or not I can keep the old one charged, though.

You need a good camera to document your existence in quarantine-- How else would we know that this macrumors editors lives in a suburban house (protected by an alarm service, no less), and drives a BMW X1?

Sure, but with a supertelephoto, you can social distance. (assumming that you don’t need an assistent to carry your things for you)


And if somebody gets too close you can use it that lens as a very expensive club!

I have no problem social distancing with a wide angle lens, though. I am in the school of thought where people in photos are best if they look like they’re the size of ants.


Kai is actually stuck in his apartment, messing around with macro lenses. One thing about a supertelephoto-- the parks (and zoos) are all closed, so your subjects might be hard to find.


I ordered one to replace my wife’s 6s that is having too many issues. This will be the first new iPhone I buy since the first one came out. Between it’s power, price, issues with old phone, lack of face id, and Apple’s interest free 2 year deal I went for it.

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Also the 6s probably won’t be getting security updates with the next iOS release. I held out for a long time, but between that and the battery issue you mention, decided now was the time to upgrade rather than be rushed since I’m not clear when exactly the next major iOS release will be.

For the price though, a phone you can keep 5 years is worth it.

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Good point, I think I read somewhere that 14 would not support below 7. That is the driver for me upgrading phones, when there is a mission critical app that requires an OS I cant load. Or I drop it in the ocean.

If any happy mutants have ideas for what to do with the old phone, decided 80 bucks wasn’t worth risking the 'rona to sell it. (Plus I worry it’s not really possible to securely wipe an SSD)

Thinking of making it a media device, put spotify on there and off my actual phone and just use it as my general entertainment device and keeping the attack surface smaller on the phone I have my Signal on.

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I gotta admit I never had much use for those really long lenses anyways. I have a 70-200mm zoom which I call the Gargoyle Lens–and I think that’s primarily what I use it for.

Macro is more fun but I have to go to the park to find some decent insects, which is not ideal for the whole social distancing thing. There’s always something lying around, though. I see Kai is taking advantage of it!

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received mine on Wednesday and like it. Upgrading from the previous SE, cost isn’t the main issue, I like the smaller phones despite everyone making fun of its size…

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The grass is always greener on the Pro version.

I’ve had mine for a week. It replaced my 5 SE frankenphone (pieces from 2 phones + new screen) which was having screen touch and battery issues. (Since the husband’s phone was paid off last month, we could start my payments. Perfect timing.)
It’s lovely. I got the red one, which turned out to be a Product Red one, so extra charitable win. It is almost as nice, tactile-wise, as the 3, but so much thinner. I don’t want to get a case for it, it’s so nice, but when I start leaving the house again I’ll need it to be protected.

The best part about the phone was the seamless transfer. “Put your phone near this one. Presto!Magic! it’s cloned!” No work in iTunes to make it so, hooray! OK, so I’m an Apple fanboy.

I’m not an Apple fanboy and I agree that the transfer feature is fantastic. I got one to replace my wife’s aging first-gen iPhone SE, and it was beautifully simple. Now if only there were some magical app to make the keyboard on my MacBook pro suck less.

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