Upcycling gave me an iPhone case I absolutely love

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Right now, I use an iPhone XR as my daily driver. It’s good enough. It’s also getting old, for a smartphone.

As an iPhone 6s user, I feel attacked. :wink: But it works fine, it does everything I need it to, and battery life is still decent. It’s indeed “good enough.” Plus I’m deterred by the stupid crazy price of newer phones. Probably will get an iPhone SE if I ever have to replace it.


Yeah, I power use my phone but I’m still rocking a Samsung S7 (they’re up to 12 now?!) and unless the battery gets weak, I see no reason to upgrade. To be fair I’ll never get another “Edge” phone because it’s hard to hold without touching the screen somewhere, but I’ll put up with the random annoyance of that ‘feature’ until it craps out.

Love the camera lens fix, and envy your Dremel skills! Congratulations on two years!

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@orenwolf The dreaded ‘comments links back to post’ thing is here again

I seem to recall Seamus was the only other person it afflicted before Xeni. (On the basis of supposition and no evidence, I am even more convinced it is to do with the workflow elements used by the individual concerned for that post.)

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