Apple's wearables and iPhone 6 event, liveblog


Resistance is futile.

I’m just ticked off because my nice shiny iPhone 5s is going to be old hat in an hour or so.

I hear the new iPhone can get you out of a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

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September 4, 2014:


I use a 3G still going strong. But lets all join the circus celebrating planned obsalesence!

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Apple’s live feed was being flaky for me, and included Japanese translation audio (fixed around 10:30). Now cleaner but image came across as series of stills; perhaps browser issue. Relaunching Safari and re-opening the page got “Access Denied” but is now happy.

Inexplicably, Unavoidable, Sadly… true

I was getting the Japanese translation audio here in Canada too. It just stopped.

I’m able to stream at least every other minute.

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Does not like me at all. Then again the news that is relevant for me right now will probably not be in the event. (need to know if iPod touch will be updated)

This Apple Watch looks like a very nice device if you are in the Apple ecosystem… much like the Moto 360 is a very nice device if you are in the Android/Google ecosystem… I don’t see either device luring many people from “the other side”, however.


Apple. the company that thinks it is innovative to take existing products and send them into loving embrace of the data trackers via the conduit of surveillance, AT&T.


Have the announced that they are going to allow 3rd party app stores (like how you can buy apps from Amazon on the Android platform), letting the people who actually BUY the devices decide what to load on them?

It is a shame. Apple makes lovely hardware. I am against DRM, which means people telling me what I can do with the device that I own. Apple is DRM on steroids.


Yeah, but I entered xyzzy and nothing happened…

So I guess it’s not actually obsolete, then?


I was hoping that the watch and health app would have functionality for monitoring sleep apnea.

Admittedly, blood sugar measuring was highly unlikely. But I was hoping for a blood oxygen meter, which can be done with sensors much like their pulse meter.

But since you have to charge it every night, even the pulse meter won’t be available.

Can someone who watched the watch (grin) tell, does the “digital crown” require the same manipulation as a real watch crown? Do you have to kind of squeeze one finger between your arm and the watch, and pinch the wheel between that finger and your thumb? Because that sounds like a real step backwards from swiping a touchscreen, but I’m not sure how else it would work.

Also, did they actually demo someone wearing it on their right wrist? I assume it could just be flipped 180 degrees and the display would adjust, so lefties don’t have to reach over the whole thing, but did they say that? Or show it?

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I might be tempted to drop $350 on a watch. Maybe. We’ll see in a few months. (My current watch is a 1st-gen Pebble.)

Am I imagining things or did Apple tell us a few years ago that we don’t want a bigger phone because those are inherently horrible?


We’ve always been at war with small displays.


$350 per year, because each year your new watch will be less shiny when the new watch X is released and yours suddenly starts to run extra slow. :slight_smile: