Apple's wearables and iPhone 6 event, liveblog

Like how they said no one would want a smaller iPad.


In news today, Apple announces new iPho…ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sorry, Apple. Smartphones, even the iPhone, are everyday objects now. And apart from some increasingly minor differences, they’re pretty much functionally identical.


Apple’s stance has always been that isn’t the size of your phone that matters it is how you use it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There are two issues that have made decent smart-watches useless in the past:

  • weight
  • battery life

If you have to recharge your watch every day or two, then people will stop using it. But if the battery is too heavy, people will also stop using it. How has Apple solved this problem, especially considering that for a watch, you will want to have the display always on?

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Big is the new small.

Small is the new big.


No full-featured (color emissive display) watch is going to have the kind of battery life that would allow you to wear it overnight, unless you only wear it at night. The only way to make a watch small enough to not be a burden is to stick a tiny battery inside. That display (and processor required to drive it) will kill it in well under 24hrs. No point in including sleep tracking in a watch that people are only going to be able to wear while awake.

So, smart people: what’s the ‘killer app’ on this watch?

I saw calendars and fitbitness and sending heartbeats and a bunch of tethered phone-stuff. Did I miss something? I like Apple stuff in general, but this seems like a nicer version of the samsung watches very few people actually care about. What’s next, a better Google Glass?

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Also on the list of features that hit Android phones years ago, but apple swore nobody wanted:

3G, 4G, a notification bar, widgets, lockscreen apps, tethering, app folders, multitasking, NFC, 3rd party keyboards, flash support, removable storage, removable battery, multi-user support

Some of those it still doesn’t have, but rest assured, when the iphone finally does catch up, it will be revolutionary.


As I understand it, the display will normally be powered off. They mentioned that raising your wrist will power it back on.

It could easily run in a low power state overnight. But that was my point: If charging it overnight is a necessity, then you can’t use it for sleep tracking.

The iPhones look pretty nice…sized right for the market with useful tech. Same price point for the standard model …now with an ideal sized display. As an iPad fan, I am not really enthusiastic about the bigger phone with the jumbo screen. Perhaps if I wanted to simplify things and dump the pad…but the phablet format is still too clunky in general for me. Too small to be useful …too big to be pocketable. I suppose Apple had to do it to be competitive…but it seems like a dumb niche to me.

As for the Watch. Meh! I don’t see the appeal…especially at that price. Aside from a few small features it seems rather useless without an iPhone nearby. Now…if they included a simple phone to take calls and messages…that would get my attention. Its very pretty as bling…so I’m sure it will sell well. Not to me though.

So… the new iPhone is a small iPad… with apps that Android already had years ago…

I’m the only one that thinks that Apple has being trolling their fans for years???


clock. it is an app that lets you tell the time from the convenience of your own wrist without having to pull out and check your smartphone. revolutionary. this will change how people tell time, they simply lift their wrist and look at it. how does apple come up with this stuff?

…one more thing…

it also has stopwatch, and alarm. -faints from excitement- :slight_smile:


You’re laughing now, but someday they’ll be able to fit in a keyboard. And it will be glorious.


Took me till the iPhone 5 to get smart phone. Probably going to take as long to have enough on the watch for me to be interested.

I’m only interested in a smart watch if it’s a mechanical one.


Seriously, I’ve had an iPhone 6 for over a year now. Its called the HTC One. And that watch thing may be the only accessory that can make Google Glass look cool.

OK, OK, I’ll stop. I don’t want to be that guy, but shit, man.


I think the watch looks great. So does the moto360. But I wouldn’t buy either for more than $50, and I doubt many other would either. Well, probably a lot of people will buy the iwatch just because of the lowercase i in the name, but I doubt many will actually wear them for more than a week. A watch that needs recharging every 12 hours is too much of a hassle for 95% of the population.


I love my $10 Casio “wearable” which shows me the current time in an elegantly simple display of black hands pointing to black numbers on a white face. There are always plenty of interesting things to see in my immediate surroundings and I would be very reluctant to acquire one of those devices that people become addicted to staring at at the expense of being aware of what is around them. I can look at the internet at home on a computer I built myself for $200. Why would I need internet everywhere all the time?

So it is a device dependent on an available electrical outlet if you want to know what time it is. It has so much functionality minus the basic function of reliably telling you the time.

I also heard that it comes with the Hours Hand App pre-installed only. iTunes has the Minute Hand App for $4.99, and the Seconds App will be released in time for Christmas.

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I don’t see why this would be hard to fake? I seriously doubt they would do it intentionally… but it’s certainly straightforward to mess up a deployment when switching over to the now-public marketing pages.