The Apple Watch just keeps getting better and you can grab one now for $20 off

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Wow! $20 off of $400?! What amazing savings! Take my wallet!


Funny how BoingBoing continually advertises Apple products while still complaining about their contempt for right to repair, their “walled garden” app store, etc.

Oh well. That’s advertising, they probably need it to keep the site running. At least it’s not like they have a Facebook page, and Facebook sharing buttons at the bottom of every article while simultaneously pointing out how Facebook is an enabler for Trump, white supremacy, misinformation and myriad other horrors of the modern age, while remaining utterly silent every time someone mentions this. That’d be just plain hypocritical!

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You do realize they do it because people like you keep coming back and adding free content on the BBS, right ?

You being here, adding content while not getting paid, makes you a product here, too.

So you are a product, too?

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Except for nightstand mode. IMHO one of the the most annoying feature oversights.

You are all just products of my overactive imagination.


Funny, I imagined you would be saying that.

Oh cool, I’m sure it’ll work great with my Android pho-

Ah, right. Apple. Yeah, no thanks.

Not till Apple fixes iPadOS 13.5.1, worst update ever.

Not even then.

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