There's a new iOS update out but maybe wait before installing it

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Citation please.


If you already own an iPhone, like I do, there’s not much sense in getting rid of your handset–the company already has your money.

It is literally never too late to switch if you’re a living human being. If you have things trapped in their ecosystem yeah that sucks but take that as a lesson to not stay in walled gardens.



What’s with the milkshake reference? BB doing Insta style product placements?
(The answer might lie after the link, but I refuse to click it).

All Android phones provide the app functionality that Apple removed in China?

I used to like 1/2 a block from Peter’s on 15th.

Sent from my iPhone.

Jokes on you, I haven’t updated iOS in like, two years.


Wait, is this the chick-fil-a thread?


Serious question: Exactly which phone manufacturer (and OS) should we switch to if we aren’t happy with Apple’s behaviour in China? Note: I don’t want a half-baked OS that offers little-to-no functionality (as a Linux dev & sysadmin, I appreciate the various attempts at ‘open’ phones, but I’m not aware of any that are usable as a day-to-day carry)


Dear BoingBoing,
The Jersey Mikes/Pepsi ad you have been running over the last couple days, and which takes over the entire border of the fucking page every 10 seconds, makes your website UNUSABLE on mobile. I have honestly never seen a more annoying ad.


Ad blockers. Easy peasy to install on mobile browsers as plugins if you use Firefox.

Yeah it’s time for you to get an ad blocker. I haven’t seen the ad you speak of and i’m using Firefox Focus as a content blocker on iOS.

Uh-oh forgot that using iOS is bad today

So I either have an ad blocker and don’t see the ad, or I don’t have an ad blocker and get so frustrated that I refuse to ever use the product advertised, and the hosting site also loses a portion of my goodwill. Seems like a lose/lose proposition for both the advertiser and Boing Boing.

Correct on all counts

Also, all of the emotional labor of having to audit and report bad ads falls on you, the viewer of the ad that has been served to you, because welcome to internet capitalism.

Bizarre side note on the latest iOS and/or devices. I had the misfortune to have my iphone swiped and on the new iPhone 11 I lost the intuitive emojis (emoji?) for texting (ones that pop up as an option when you start typing something similar). I asked at the Apple Store and their upstairs tech had to research it. Then he tried having me text myself a bunch of emoji. After doing that, they popped up automatically again. Both our minds blown.

Well, I started playing with all the apple devices in the store, and they all had this problem.
I fixed a few ipads and iphones. In case you’ve got this problem, you don’t need to send a text, just open the Notes app and start hammering in a bunch of random emoji, hit Done / Return then type your formerly intuited words and you’ll get the related emoji popping up.

Hang on to those devices. :frowning:

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BB knows full well about this dilemma because they’ve openly advocated for ad blockers yet their site is full of ads. Honestly they should be leading by example so i don’t feel bad about using the ad blockers, i’ve mentioned multiple times that i would happily give them money as a subscription or through something like Patreon if it meant doing away with terrible monetization practices and a crummy online store. Pretty sure i’m not the only one here with the same opinion, i really like the site and would like to see them to more for the community around it.

Or what? Google is exactly zero better than Apple in every respect. And Google is already shitting on our privacy right here at home.


Yes yes. That’s fine. But let’s remember that what gary is talking about is the desired and preferred user experience.

And some folks can’t - for various reasons - use ad blockers.

Google is exactly zero better than Apple in every respect. And Google is already shitting on our privacy right here at home

Agree with most of that with one exception. Android lets me put books, movies and music on my SD card with minimal fuss. I am not thrilled with the concept of Google looking over my shoulder knowing everywhere I go and everything that I do but unfortunately that is currently the price of convenience.

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