It's pretty easy to bend an iPhone 6 with your hands


Good thing people don’t put these in the pocket or anything…



Further proof that aluminium is better than aluminum.


I think it’s pretty clear that you’re just an aluminium fanboy and don’t understand that aluminum is the CLEAR winner here, despite your incredibly biased approach.


But Aluminium and Aluminum are not as good as Alumium.

I wish it hadn’t been beaten by the inferior mass-marketed alternatives.

9 minutes of babble just to hand bend two phones? Geez, 140 characters or less Mr Chatty!


Thinner is better, until it’s too thin.

Stiffness is the cube of the ratio of width to length. Apple are learning this the hard way.


And some people find it pretty easy to bend crowbars with their hands, or even tear phone books in half. I guess it depends on how much effort and strength you put into the attempt.

I suppose the real lesson of this little demonstration is that you shouldn’t grasp and bend your iPhone in the way depicted here.

I’d be more concerned about shattering the screen on these types of phones before I’d worry too much about bending it into a (still functioning) pretzel shaped gadget.

But, on the other hand, it’s always good to have yet another thing to worry about. Thanks iPhone Bendy Man!


The real issue is that such a phone will be bent in the manner shown by simply putting it in your pocket and then sitting down.


Well, folks are reporting that you can bend it in your pants pocket rather than just from sheer force of will.

Well, if that’s the case (so to speak), then I would definitely agree that this is going to be a problem for a fair number of people.

I guess it never occurred to the design team that people might abuse their phones in this way. Putting it in their pocket and sitting down, I mean. Sigh.


LG needs to sue for IP infringement LG G Flex


They’re just sitting down wrong. User error.


What if they made it out of that steel they make eye glasses with? The kind you can bend the ear pieces around your finger and they spring back to form with a “memory”?

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The problem is that the rest of the phone is made of fiberglass and silicon chips and lithium ion batteries etc. that doesn’t flex well.


Having just upgraded from the 4S to the 6 I have to say that while the 4S is perfectly happy naked the 6 is really designed to have a case on it. Not only is it too thin for its own good, but the stupid camera sticks out the back.

Unfortunately, the selection of cases for the 6 is still a bit slim thanks to Apple’s refusal to release the physical dimensions before selling the thing.

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Hopefully this ends the unreal practice of putting these things in the back pants pocket… never understood why someone would want to sit on a electric device with enough juice and lithium to start a raging fire if it is damaged.

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The upside is it’ll still have the largest amount of peripherals available, thanks to the low number of hardware SKUs.

But will it blend?

answer, yes