Brave humorists take on the phonecase-industrial complex

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I was caseless for years, and took great care of my phone it was in great shape. But I upgraded to an iPhone 8 and the damn thing is larger, with rounded glass, and slippery. And the camera sticks out so I’m afraid tossing it onto tables will cause it to get scratched up. The thing kept taking one tumble after another. After seeing it crash onto my (carpeted) floor one too many times I broke down and got a case. Keeps the camera from touching the table, has a rubber back so it doesn’t slide around.
Maybe it is time for you to consider getting a nice case too? You’ll be so happy, join us!


I used to use a case, but it accumulated pocket lint and was annoying. Now I’ve been caseless for a few years and so far so good.

I’ve almost dropped it a few times, and have had dreams where I’ve shattered the screen, but that’s it.

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Uh… okay.

I use a protective case because I infrequently find myself channeling the spirit of ‘Jack Tripper’; having the occasional bout of inadvertent clumsiness that would border on hysterically funny… if it wasn’t happening to me.

In an age where phones that retail for $600+ are intentionally made to break easily, I’d be pretty damn foolish not to take precautions like having insurance and using a case.

(“Know thyself,” my Gram always quoted.)

It never once occurred to me that other people would take the use of protective cases as a form of ‘virtue signaling’… especially since I’ve never deigned to talk down to anyone about how they maintain their fucking mobile devices.


Anyone who can keep their phone intact without one… or, if they can afford to replace/repair their phones on a regular basis, then good for them.


I’ve always used a case on my iPhone I think, expect maybe the original few? I’ve had all of them except a 7 or 8 (currently have X) and can’t imagine not using a case. My phone lands on the ground regularly, by accident of course.

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I didn’t use a case for years because I’m really careful with my things and not generally clumsy. After my third cracked screen I accepted cases into my life.

When I see a case-less phone I have two rapid thoughts:

  1. OMG that phones looks so fragile and defenseless.
  2. WOW, phones look so much better with a case.

After getting my most recent ‘upgrade,’ (that I’d been putting off for two years) I had to wait an additional ten days for my new case to arrive via Amazon, because I refuse to pay $20-30 in store for a product that costs $7 online.

That entire time, I handled the damn thing like it was a freakin’ newborn baby; terrified of accidentally damaging a device that retails for more than 3 of my monthly bills, combined.


I think i’ve, in the years of phones and no cases, gotten maybe two comments about the lack. And they were simply noticing, certainly not criticizing.

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I had to google who Jack Tripper was, and I now have an urge to go to a hairdresser next thing in the morning.

I also learned the word ‘klutz’, and I feel like one.

I bought a case for my phone, and I am paying money for an insurance in case I drop it. For good reason.

My last phone?
Dropped it from the second floor, out of the window, on a parapet. Installing the spiderapp, as the cool kids call it these days.

I’m not even sure how other people manage not to drop their phones. It must be something wrong with them.


I admit that I have cast a side eye or two at some people that I’ve seen using phones which were cracked so badly it was surprising that they were even still functional… but even then, my inner-dialog was something like:

“Damn, and I thought I was clumsy!”

I can’t ever recall giving someone shit about not using a case, though.

I’m not sure if that’s sad because ity means I’m old, or if it’s amusing because Three’s Company isn’t an iconic classic sitcom internationally.


Damn man; now that’s some serious ‘Jack Tripper’ shit, right there…


I’ve done exactly the same thing except my shipping time was only 3-4 days. Still too long.

One time I was at the genius bar waiting my turn. I watched a guy walk up to the bar with his dog on a leash. He took his phone out to be looked at. Took the phone out of the case. The genius bar employee had to pop into the back room for a moment. The guy placed the naked phone into his front shirt pocket. His dog grumbled about this place being boring. So he leaned over to pet his dog. Phone slid out of his pocket and shattered on the floor. He looked at me with wild eyes and and said something to the effect of his original problem now seemed less critical. The entire set of events took just a few seconds.


Ew, you actually go into the Apple store in person?

Those joints are like Stepford, for the 21st century.

Bingo; the unrelenting force of gravity is not your phone’s friend - no matter exceedingly careful you may be.

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I don’t use a case for my phone and I have never heard anyone tell me I should.

However, they do make fun of me for being a cheapskate who has a 20 dollar phone.


Yeah, I go to the one near the university, Everyone is nice and interesting. I pre-schedule my visit so that I typically walk in with no wait time and have my issue fixed in 20 minutes or so. I rarely go to brick and mortar stores because people are people. But I enjoy my trips to this Apple store generally. I imagine different locations could vary a lot.


Uh, yeah…

I’m in the Bay area, the nearest brick & mortar Apple store is in downtown San Francisco; it’s always crowded whether you make an appointment or not, the pretension is so thick you could cut it with a knife, and everyone who works there looks like a “quasi-cultural” clone from ‘White Goodman’s Globo-Gym.’


You know, my hair looks… 80s.
I just am afraid my life is turning into a sitcom.


Better that, than the dystopian sci-fi nightmare that seems imminent…


I do too much crazy stuff to carry a phone without a case. A waterproof, shockproof, drool-proof, dustproof, idiotproof one. It did bite me in the ass, though. I managed to capsize a small sailboat with my “waterproof” phone in my PFD, and when I got back to shore (without further accidental swimming) the case was full of water. :rage:

Your Gram was Sun Tzu? :slight_smile:


Another time where it isn’t the lie but the cover-up that is the story.


Oh boy. Yes that would be a hard pass if that was my option. My store can get busy at times but never enough to induce anxiety which I get sometimes in big noisy stores. The people are usually down to earth students, professors, young families and the occasional eccentric senior apple fan (you know with the zany colored shirt/dress and some crazy story about a foreign country they just returned from). There are always a few apple bro’s but they are typically the minority. I usually meet someone with an interesting story and haven’t had any issues with anyone.

I need to get a new laptop so I can edit 4k and don’t really want to spend Mac premium prices. I’m equally proficient in Windows or Mac OS so I don’t mind getting a PC laptop. My only real regret is with any PC issue I can’t fix I need to ship it off for possibly weeks versus a quick trip to the Apple store.