Can you find the iPhone that a woman dropped on the carpet?


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This is yet another good reason to keep a land line; to call your mobile phone when you misplace it.


I don’t know about that, but this woman loves ornate tapestry patterns. Maybe a different case?


That’s probably a good idea as well.


I spotted it fairly quickly but assuming i were to drop my phone on a carpet and couldn’t find it because of the case then i’d go down closer to the carpet to get an eyeline across the surface


This is a good simulation of my daily life. Fk my prefrontal cortex.


I just stomp about until I hear a crunching sound.


This was hard? The phone doesn’t really match the carpet.

For a bigger challenge, design a carpet that looks like 10,000 iPhones.


I don’t even see the carpet.


Yeah my brain is doing a great job of filling in the b0rk3ded part of the pattern for me on this one.

ETA just saw it…


That’s so cool! :slight_smile: Took me about a minute to find it.


I had to bring the image into Photoshop and invert the colors, then adjust levels until it revealed itself…


True to life, I still haven’t found it. Hit my ‘fuck it’ threshold after two minutes.


I found it, but I really had to scan methodically. More than once. More than twice.

Hint: Check along the inner black border.


Does anything match this carpet?

I needed a lot of hints from around the internet and a zoom-in. Does that mean I don’t get to work at Google?


That took me a moment but wasn’t too hard. Also, if you have an iPhone 6s or SE, you can yell “Hey Siri” and it’ll respond to you, may be easier to find in these sorts of circumstances. I’m sure some newer Android phones have a similar feature.

Hint: Check for jagged lines


How did she take this picture?


With an actual camera, maybe?

Or someone else’s phone.


It’s easy to miss, but the cut-off Instagram caption on the main image says “No joke a woman dropped her phone and couldn’t find it”


I need reading glasses (aging) and at least one new cornea would be a bonus. My eyesight sucks. But I’m learning to compensate. I would just sniff around for it.