To find something you misplaced, imagine its feel and texture

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I lost my girl, and it didn’t help at all…


I misplaced my kindle recently-- (my hardbooks, and my computer, and even my cell phone filled the kindle’s niche until the sun started to come out and glare my screen)-- and I found it in one of my bookcases. If only I had deduced that since a kindle has the feel and texture of a book, that would be where it would be found.


Well, okay, but I don’t think it’s very likely to wo—



I once couldn’t see the kitchen roll on the kitchen roll holder because it had been put back with one sheet folded over so I was looking at a triangle whilst searching for a cylinder. I’m really bad at finding things.


Maybe singing would help?

:notes: :musical_note:

(sound sad) Lost my partner, What’ll I do? (3x)
Skip to my Lou, my darling! (repeat 1x)
Lou, Lou skip to my Lou, (3x)
Skip to my Lou, my darling.

(sound happy) I’ll find another one better than you! (3x)
Skip to my Lou, my darling!

Found my partner love is true! (3x)
Skip to my Lou, my darling!
Lou, Lou skip to my Lou! (3x)
Skip to my Lou, my darling.]

(Skip to My Lou - Wikipedia)


ETA: :thinking: Hmm…should have made that

I’ll find another one [with a] better [feel and texture] than you!

(Why, you may wonder, did that even come to mind? Well, just yesterday in the folding step stool topic, someone said that their step-daughter used that very model of step stool as a squatty potty, so I had been trying to come up with some kind of joke about “Step to My Loo” and so I had been looking at that wikipedia page…)

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I misplaced all of my TV remotes during my move. I wish imagining their feel and texture would give me a clue about which box to open next! :confounded:


As someone who is very good at finding things, I feel like this is a better tip: If a quick look doesn’t find your item, search again with a flashlight (ideally one with a relatively narrow focus).

Think about all the times you’ve looked for something and it was in a place you looked several times, but somehow your eye slid right over it. The flashlight beam guides and narrows your focus and makes it almost impossible to overlook the thing you’re looking for.


“Have you ever dreamed about a place…you never really recall being to before…a place that maybe only exists in your imagination…someplace far away, half-remembered when you wake up…when you were there, though, you knew the language, you knew your way around…”


I could see this being useful for searching junk drawers. But that implies that you know it is in the junk drawer, meaning you have not misplaced it.

Junk drawers are a thing? I haven’t used that term since I was a child. I used to love the junk drawer. Full of wonderous things and bits and pieces that Macgyver would be first to go to. I thought “junk drawer” was just the term my family used.

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This could get kind of weird but I’m pretty sure there’s some advanced combination technique here …


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